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Washing Machine Noise Reduction | How to Soundproof a Washer

Six Ways to Address Your Annoyingly Loud Washing Machine

Loud appliances making a huge racket, especially inside smaller apartments, are very annoying. Personally, I love my peace and serenity that’s why I have been able to come up with solutions to make my air conditioner and electric fan a lot more quiet. I have even been able devise a scheme to drown out the sounds of my neighbor by buying soundproofing curtains and noise inhibiting acoustic wall panels on Amazon.

Washing Machine Noise Reduction

One of the main culprits that managed to make a lot of noise before in my apartment was my washing machine. It was pretty had to ignore all the whirring and vibrating sounds it made while it was under operations. Of course, I cannot cease washing my family’s dirty clothes. Since I have young kids and a husband, it was used often or the dirty clothes would pile up.

The noisy contraption echoing in our small unit was enough to drive me mad, so I decided to take matters into my own hands by researching how to soundproof a washing machine. This was a cheaper alternative compared to buying a new quieter model. The latter option seemed frivolous because my home’s washing machine still did it’s job. The main problem was that I was just too darn noisy.

In the process of studying how to cancel my washing machine’s noise, I was able to understand the reasons why it makes an excessive amount of noise. The only way to truly mitigate the problem is to get to the root of the matter. Thankfully, I was able to zero in on my machine’s issues, so I was able to fix it and quickly get back my serenity.

If you are like me and you’re stuck with an annoyingly loud washing machine, worry not. Because based on my experience, it’s really easy to make a machine quiet. First, understand the main possible causes. Your noisy washer could be cause by several different factors such as:

Now, I will offer you simple solutions on how to mitigate these issues. Thankfully, these quick fixes are friendly for your pocket. Many of the soundproofing materials are also easily found online such as Amazon, so you can have them directly delivered to your door step. Before you read the tips on how to make your washing machine quiet, be sure to have these materials ready.

Materials You will Need for a Quieter Washing Machine

You will need these following products to make sure that you can stop that annoying sound of your washer. These materials are:

Now, that you know what you need to get ready, let go on with the next steps to finally reduce the noise of your washing machine. With the right materials, along with a little bit of time and effort, you will be on your merry way to a more quiet house.

Best Ways to Reduce the Noise of your Washing Machine

These are the best tips and solutions to help you make your machine a lot more quiet. Read on below to claim back your serenity:

Make an Honest Assessment of The Machine’s True State

You must first start by looking and examining the condition of the machine itself. This is the most critical step you have to do because your machine may not even need you to apply soundproofing materials, but it may actually need repairs. Don’t waste efforts buying materials if they aren’t needed.

If you’re washing machine is old, then it is understandable that it might need repairs. How do you know if it does? Take a peek inside to check if the main barrel is loose. If you’re not a handyman, there are actually many technicians that offer a free consultation.

There is no shame in asking for help. An abnormally loud washing machine is not only a nuisance, but it can even be a potential hazard. The machinery can short circuit and cause fire or it can also start a leak and cause a flood. 

Paying for a washing machine repair is a lot more cheap that doing home repairs due to damages.

Take note: a noisy top loading door or a problematic pulley is usually the culprit because it is responsible for making the barrel spin. You can address the first issue by trimming down a normal kitchen sponge and placing them to line the door with double sided tape or Green Glue Tape to absorb the sound.

St. Gobain GGTAPE-1-7|16X100 Green Glue Noiseproofing Joist Tape, 1-7/16" x 100'
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This pulley issue can be readily addressed by your technician. If it is beyond repair, then you may need to get a new one. A top loading washer is a lot less more noisy than a front loading version.

While your technician has opened the machine, and there is nothing else that needs fixing, now is the time to ask him to allow you to put some sound dampening materials inside your washer. These Fatmat or Dynamat products on Amazon are self-adhesive, so you can place them right away to prevent metal vibration. These Kilmat or Noico mats, along with the two aforementioned brands, work well with a cars metal sheet, so they will undoubtedly do a great job with a more simple washing machine.

These are the best tips and solutions to help you make your machine a lot more quiet. Read on below to claim back your serenity:

Double Check and See If the Machine is Not Overloaded

This is the next critical tip because most of us who do the laundry do not really think about this because just really want to get our chores over and done with. But here’s the thing, the washing machine comes with a maximum load capacity. If you have failed to take this into account, then it is time to read up on your machine’s manual. Remember, washing machines are not created equal.

If you can no longer find your manual, a quick Google search will give you a clue. The biggest top loading washing machines can accommodate about 13 pounds, while front loading machine can handle around 18 pounds. You can actually eyeball your washer and compare to what’s in your product search.

  • GE 4. 5CF FL Steam Washer ADA Wht

You must remember that your machine can be full but not bursting with too much clothes. The things inside should be able to move well with the water to be thoroughly cleaned. If you over-cramp the machine, it will make a lot of noise because it is straining to do its job.

In the same token, you cannot put too little things inside because that will also create a lot of noise. There will be plenty of extra space for your clothes grommets, zippers, or hooks to jingle around the sides of the washer. Under loading your washer is not a good idea because it will also become more costly because you’re wasting electricity, water, and laundry essentials.

Soundproofing the Floor

If you have inspected the washing machine and have loaded in correctly, but it is still making a lot noise, then it is time to start with our soundproofing work. Assess where the noise could be coming from. We have taken care of the interiors in the two previous steps, so now it is time to search for the noises being made because of the exterior factors.

Your machine is surely placed on the floor. Stronger washers can skid along the floor when in use. Generally, washers are stand on their bottom or have metal feet. The contact with the floor could be allowing them to vibrate cause your structural noises because the vibrations on the floor reverberate and are magnified.

Consider putting a sound absorbing material under the machine (your downstairs neighbors will love this, too). You may need someone to help you lift it off the floor so you can place these materials beneath the machine. You can start with a normal kitchen sponge because these actually work great in dampening sound because of their thick composition. If you want a more professional option, then buy anti vibration skid pads.

There are many different kinds of anti vibration and anti skid pads for your unit and floor. These anti vibration pads for like this ENJ Washer Anti Vibration hard rubber material, Xcel Acoustic Damper Mat made of foam, or this Casa Pura Anti Vibration mat made of recycled rubber will help your machine to say off the floor. It will cancel out any noisy vibration and deter your machine from slipping.

The main thing to keep it quiet is to put an additional buffer between them. If you feel as if the these pads are insufficient enough, you could also try adding old thick blankets under the machine to absorb the sound, which is a super cheap solution. If you find this unsightly, then you can buy a simple rubber mat online. The thicker it is, the more quiet it will be.

Covering the Washer with Blankets

If the machine is just too noisy, then you can cover them with old blankets or a specialize acoustic blanket like the popular Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet. If you are using an older blanket, you may cut it down to size to make sure that it is covering the machine perfectly.

Audimute Sound Absorption Sheet - Sound Dampening Blanket - Soundproofing Sheet (Bone)
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  • Measures 96" x 48" (8' x 4'), contains (3) metal grommets on the top for easy hanging, and includes hanging hardware.

However, if you don’t want to go that extra mile, you can just simply take your old blanket or you soundproofing sheet and toss it over the machine. You just have to make sure that your blanket is big enough, so you can really wrap the whole machine in it.

You may need to buy two soundproofing blankets to cover your washing machine. Double check the measurements of these specialty devices on Amazon and make sure it will indeed be enough for your machine. Get your tape measure out for accuracy. You may need to combine two blankets with your good old needle and thread to ensure maximum coverage.

Pad the Machine

For those machines that are stubbornly noisy, or if you really leave in a place with a cramped space for your washer, the you may need even thicker padding because it is hard to separate your living space from the thing that is making the noise. If your machine is stuck towards a cupboard.

Remember to measure your machines so that you can get enough to cover the sides. If budget is an issue, then you can use the normal kitchen sponge trick. Buy a denser and thicker foam because these work better in canceling out noises. You can use any spray on adhesive to attach these to the sides.

If you have a little bit more money to spare, then consider buying some of those sound deadening mats to attach to the sides of the washer itself or on the walls where they are vibrating. Take note, if you are renting, you may need to ask your landlord’s permission before you stick anything because this may eat away at your deposit when it is time for you to move out. Combining this would floor insulation will really work wonders in mitigating those unwanted noises.

Soundproof Your Laundry Room

Apart from padding the interior of the washer, padding the exterior, and putting mats on the floor, you can also opt to soundproof the entire room. Do not scoff at the idea because this is not as expensive as you think it will be. You can just install soundproof curtains or cheaper acoustic panels on a few walls.

The door is a weak point that releases most of the sound so you can tape this with a soundproof blanket for maximum noise cancellation. Don’t forget to also place a door sweep like this Sound Proof Door Pad for the gap beneath the door and floor. If budget is an issue, then old towels may also work as a temporary solution.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are numerous ways to keep your washer quiet. We started by looking at the machine itself, then we padded the exterior of the machine. Finally, we moved onto the machine’s surrounding area. By covering all of these, you will undoubtedly be able to come up with the perfect solution to address your noisy washing machine problems.