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Door Slam Preventers – How To Stop Slamming Doors

Door slamming can be very annoying to hear. It not only wakes up everyone in the house but it can also cause damage to the house. Sometimes the wind causes it. Sometimes someone’s temper gets the best of them. Thankfully, there are many ways to prevent door slamming, and they are easy to manage on your own without hiring any extra help for additional construction.

Your options may include replacing door hinges, installing an automatic door closer, felt pads or gel strips, a door stop, door pinch guards, door cushion, a door latch, finger guard, draft stopper, weather stripping, and door silencer. Depending on your needs and who you have in the house, your choices may vary, but let’s explore all of these options.

Door Slam Preventers

Why Prevent Doors from Slamming?

When doors slam in the house, it is a startling sound for everyone inside. It can wake people up in the middle of the night, and put unsuspecting folks indoors feel alarmed or unsettled. Children might slam doors without realizing the sound it makes, but door slamming can also cause unnecessary wear and tear to your house.

Sometimes the wind will slam doors shut, and it’s not only disquieting but also harmful to the house’s overall construction. Proofing your house from door slamming not only makes your home quieter but can also prevent unwanted cold air from seeping indoors. It will also seal up any open spaces to keep insects from wandering into your home.

Proofing your doors from slamming will also add some protection for not just your home but also for the kids in the house. Children often get their fingers jammed in between doors, and if you have a cushioned prevention, it will make your home a lot safer. Here are some great ways you can prevent your doors from slamming.

How To Prevent Doors from Slamming?

Door Hinges

Inspect your door hinges to make sure that they are not worn down or improperly installed. Faulty door hinges can make your doors loose, causing them to slam more easily and startling everyone in the household. You can find great oil rubbed door hinges that prevent door slamming on Amazon.

The Tempo Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges are great for quieting down your door.

These hinges operate smoothly because they are already oiled, and they come in a pack of 12 all the way to a pack of 50 depending on how many doors you need to replace. The radius is 5”8, and the size of the hinges are 3.5 x 3.5 inches. They are highly rated by the industry for its quality and durability, and come in this uniquely dark color for style.

Installing these hinges is easy. It simply requires a screwdriver or a power drill for a quick and easy way to replace your door hinges. Making sure that the screws are placed tightly will make a world of a difference.

Tempo 3 1/2 Inch Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges with 5/8" Radius Corners (12 Pack)
  • Pack of 12 Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Hinges with Matching Screws for Installation
  • 5/8" Radius Corner Full Mortise Door Hinge

Automatic Door Closer

An automatic door closer is an excellent way to keep your doors from slamming. Get an automatic door closer that is made from stainless steel or aluminium because they will last a lot longer than parts made from plastic. Aluminum door closers with zinc coating also avoid rust.

Automatic door closers are great for getting long-term use out of them. You can adjust the speed of the door shutting to your liking. One thing is guaranteed by these automatic shutters—you will always have a quiet door.

Hydraulic door closers are an excellent choice for this type of home improvement, like this one on Amazon.

This automated door closer comes with instructions for installation, as well as a video for visual learners. It can be used for your home or office, and has rust protection on its aluminium and zinc manufacturing. You can get over 500,000 uses out of this. It is easy to install, and can be adjusted into two settings. It is also covered by warranty, so you can own it risk-free.

Fortstrong Door Closer FS-1306 Automatic Adjustable Closers, Residential Grade 3 Spring Hydraulic Auto Door-Closer, Easy Installation with Life Size Fitting Template & Instructions Silver Aluminum
  • High-Quality Hardware at a Great Value: Designed for low to medium traffic areas, our FS-1306 automatic door closer is perfect for a variety of residential doors. With high-quality aluminum housing and steel-encased hardware, our hydraulic closer is an incredible product for a great price.
  • Secure & Seamless: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Our hydraulic door closer is built to close consistently and securely. Plus, our auto door closer ensures smooth door closure while preventing slamming.

Felt Pads

If your door is too loud, and the slamming vibrates all throughout the house, try applying felt pads along the edges of the doorframe to cushion the blow. Felt pads are a quick and easy way to handle this problem, although it won’t be as effective when keeping out cold wind and insects if your door has gaps.

Some great felt pads for door improvement can be found on Amazon.

This product is not only good for door slam prevention but also versatile, and can be used to protect your hard wood floors from furniture scratches. These felt pads are durable and comes in a 181-piece pack with a variety of sizes.

Felt Furniture Pads X-PROTECTOR 181 PCS Premium Furniture Pads - Felt Pads Furniture Feet Best Wood Floor Protectors - Protect Your Hardwood & Laminate Flooring!
  • ✌ X-PROTECTOR FURNITURE FELT PADS – best protection for Your wooden, laminate or tiled floors. Our furniture coasters create strong shields between floor and furniture, desks & tabletops, which carefully protect surfaces from scratches and scuffs.
  • ✌ ONLY NOW ULTRA LARGE PACK ALL SIZES X-PROTECTOR® - brown 181 pieces: (64) 3/8”, (40) ¾”, (60) 1”, (8) 1 ½", (4) 2”, (4) ½x6”, (1) 4 1/3x6”. A lot of sizes of chair leg floor protectors will ensure that You find pads that fit all of the home furniture and items which you have.

Door Stop

You can purchase a decorative door stop to prevent winds from slamming your door shut. It not only prevents damage to your home (and your hearing!) but also adds a nice decorative touch to your overall home.

Consider a Nautica Rope Knot as a door stop, made from cotton and shaped like a cute ball. It comes with a loop handle for easy gripping, and perfect for your home or work space, like the office or a classroom. It is 6.25 x 6.25 x 6.25, and available in two colors: white and black and available on Amazon.

Door stops are also available in other colors and shapes. You can get it shaped like a pink unicorn to decorate your children’s doors, to spruce up the room. 

If you’re a cat person, this adorable noise reducing black cat door stop might be the right choice for you. 

To double up on the draft, dust and noise prevention, consider the double-tubed stopper such as this one. It requires minimum assembly. All you need to do is slide the double tube in between your door, and you’re ready to go. This item is more of a draft stopper than a door stop, but the functions remain the same if your goal is to reduce noise and damage from door slams.

Door Pinch Guards

If you have children in the house, especially toddlers, you’re doing the right thing by thinking ahead with door pinch guards. Door pinch guards are round foam guards that keep doors slightly ajar at all times so that they don’t slam shut.

Door pinch guards are also great so that your child does not get accidentally locked into a room without a guardian inside. It is also good for keeping pets from accidentally getting locked in. These door guards will also protect children from getting their fingers jammed between doors, especially if they have the tendency to slam shut from wind.

Try these door pinch guards available as a six-pack so that you can proof your whole house. They are very easy to install, and will protect both your home and your family.

Door Pinch Guards (6 Pack) Baby Proof Doors Extra Soft Foam, Sleek Design, Child Safety, Baby Safety Finger Protectors - Jool Baby
  • Child Safety Door Pinch Guards are made from soft EVA foam, prevents the doors from closing on your curious child, baby, and even pets.
  • Prevent Injuries, stop doors from slamming & prevent child or pet from getting locked out.

Door Cushion

If a door guard keeps the door too ajar, consider getting the Original Cushy Closer Door Cushion. It is great for child-proofing your home but also sound-proofing so that doors don’t get slammed shut and wake the baby. They also prevent any unwanted accidental locking in or out.

This cotton cushion gets looped around each door knob, front and back, and stays in place to muffle any door slams. You can also remove it easily if you want to close the door shut completely. Even with the cushion between the knobs, however, you can also closer the door shut all the way without waking anyone up.

The Latchey Catchy is also a great product with the same function, but it comes in a greater variety of colors and designs. 

Choose from sixteen different designs and colors to make your home quieter and safer for your whole family.

Finger Pinch Guard

Part of the process in baby proofing is also sound proofing your home. Most importantly, however, it prevents accidents from occurring. Children can get their fingers jammed between doors, and a finger guard helps prevent that from happening.

The Rhoost Finger Guard is a great addition to baby proofing your door and hinge. It prevents doors from closing so there will be no more slamming. It also keeps your children safe from getting injured.

The Rhoost Finger Guard comes in a pack of two in white, and it can be used for all kinds of doors. It is easy to install, and no nails or screw drivers are necessary. Doors remain open by 45 degrees so you can also keep an eye on your kids or your pets. For more info go here.

Happy Hands Safety Finger Stoppers are adorable little door stops that can be installed between the door frame and door. 

It is made from plastic and more durable than foam stoppers. The hand-shaped door stops also rotate outwards so you can adjust it according to your use.

There are six different colors to choose from such as blue, green, purple, red, white and yellow. Happy Hands Safety Finger Stoppers will prevent children from getting injured while also keeping doors from slamming shut. There are two pieces in each pack, which can be peeled off and stuck to the edge of your door.

Draft Stoppers

Draft stoppers are great for keeping doors from slamming shut, while also keeping cold and hot hair from leaving your home. Gaps at the bottom of your door will cause cold air to seep out in the summer months while you have your AC on, and heat will leave your place in the winter months. Gaps at the bottom of doors will also cause unwanted critters and bugs to crawl into your home.

A simple draft stopper will not only prevent this, but also provide some sound proofing. It becomes impossible to slam doors shut when a draft stopper is put in place, which often comes in the form of a tube that can be slid underneath your door.

Thermwell Frost King DS2 Door or Window Draft Stop Cloth Seal, 3-Feet, Beige (3 FEET Pack of 2)
  • 3-foot long draft stop cloth seal that fits most doors, Includes a woven satin handle
  • Good for use in both summer and winter months to stop unfriendly drafts and wind noise

The Frost King Door and Window Draft stop from Thermwell prevents wanted air from entering and leaving your home. It also provides some proofing. This item comes in a pack of two in the color beige. It is three feet long and has a cloth seal that is weighted down in ground stone.

Weather Stripping

You can weather strip your doors in order to prevent sounds coming from other rooms. Weather stripping your door will also prevent shocks from reverberating throughout the house when one door closes.

Some high density foam seal tape can offer insulation for your home to keep cold drafts from coming in or cool/warm air from leaving. It can also provide a soft cushion to the doors so that you won’t have to hear door slamming anymore. Consider this foam seal tape.

It can withstand temperatures as low as 50 below and 150 degrees Celsius. It is made from toxic free material, and will shock and sound proof your home easily. You can get it in a variety of different sizes and lengths ranging from 13 feet all the way to 65 feet.

Just remember to wash away dirt, grime and other impurities from your door frame before applying the adhesive. This applies to the edge of the door frame where the door meets. It must be applied in the entire length of the door.

Door Silencer

Hush Bumps are clear Polymer gel stickers that can be applied to door frames. They will quiet down any door slams. Hush Bumps are specially designed for easy installation. They will reduce vibration throughout the house whenever doors get shut, and they are a low-cost solution to your home improvement needs.

To Wrap Up

I hope some of these ideas on door slam prevention have been helpful to you. Getting a replacement door is expensive, and so is calling a contractor and having a professional handle home improvements that you can make yourself with just a little research.

As you’ve read in the above, there are numerous ways you can prevent door slamming in your home, some as simple as peeling and sticking on an adhesive. With items like the foam adhesive for weather stripping, it can also keep drafts out from your windows. An automatic door closer can definitely reduce door slamming by a lot, even with all the windows open in the house.

There are numerous ways you can prevent injury to your little ones’ fingers with pinch guards, finger guards, and door guards. A simple door stop is also a very useful tool in getting your doors to stop slamming. Gel bumpers and felt pads also reduce the shock and vibrations of door slamming. You also have the option of getting door cushions that tie around each knob.