Quietest Window Fans Full 2020 Reviews for Buying

Quietest Window Fans Reviews 2019 (with Buying Guide)
Are you tired of overpaying for central air conditioning in your apartment? Alternatively, are you just looking for a fan that does its job without leaving hot spots throughout the room? You’re not alone – fact is, over 60 percent of US households supplement their current air conditioning with fans, but a majority of them are left dissatisfied.

It’s seems like finding cooling solutions should be a simple fix, too. Yet either cool, fresh air is not effectively circulated throughout the house, or the unit stops working effectively at even the tiniest hint of rainy weather outside. Sometimes, some fans work deceptively well but at the cost of using a high percentage of energy and thus cost more to operate in the long run. Most commonly, consumers complain that window fans are so obnoxiously loud that some opt to go without air conditioning before bed.

Regardless of your specific gripe, there are window fans well-suited to fulfilling your home cooling needs for every season. Quiet, efficient, and deadly reliable fans are released every year yet receive markedly little fanfare. Here, we’ll share some of the most effective products that are dominating the air conditioning market now.

Bionare Window Fan with Reversible Air Blades

The Bionare window fan features two 8.5″ fans that whir constantly and quietly, drawing in fresh air inside and exhausting hot air outside. Offering an electronic control LCD panel and remote control, the Bionare fan is adjustable for just about any level of comfort indoors.

The fan fits a double-hung, vertical slider sill with a standard 24.25″ width and at least 13″ height. If your window doesn’t fit these exact specifications, don’t despair: the fan comes with custom-fit sliders to adjust to almost any larger range of window size.

Featuring a programmable thermostat, the fan will turn on and off in order to maintain homeostasis, making it perfect for those who enjoy sleeping in perfectly chilled air conditions. The set temperature can range anywhere from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Unlike other products, the Bionare fan is appropriate for use in all seasons. The motors are UL approved and safe for any external weather conditions, including rain.

  • Remote control operator provides convenience, allowing the user to alter speed, airflow direction, and temperature from up to fifteen feet away
  • Programmable thermostat that automatically shuts off to regulate temperature in the home or office
  • Water resistant motor that’s appropriate for use in any season or climate

  • Users complain of loud beeping sound whenever temperature is adjusted directly on the cooling unit
  • Some users dislike the frequent start and stop of the temperature regulator
  • Depending on your outlet and electricity provider, the fan could encounter electrical issues
Air King 9166F 20 inch Whole House Window Fan

Simply put, the Air King 9166F fan is an absolute beast of an air conditioning unit. With a front mounted rotary switch, fully adjustable rotations per minute, and impact-resistant plastic casing, the Air King is built to last through all weather events, seasons, and last-minute moves.

The fan fits any window opening between 27″ to 38″ wide and 26.25″ inches high. Whether it’s for residential or office use, the Air King works hard to circulate air throughout every corner of the space and uses patented technology to target hard-to-get “hot spots”.

Unlike other products, the Air King comes with a one year warranty and is OSHA certified, in order to protect against any defects in the materials and workmanship. Though with a powerful motor and powder coated steel front grill, it’s unlikely you’ll encounter any issues for several years.

Not only that – the Air King has some of the highest degrees of temperature specificity and settings in the window fan industry. Equipped with three speeds and a one phase motor, the Air King can operate at several unique speeds that are optimized for standard housing unit sizes. The lowest speed sits at 900 rotations per minute (RPM) while the highest setting runs at a staggering 1,545 RPM.

The thin, steel plated blades ensure that the Air King runs quickly and quietly in even the most noise-amplifying room.

Though the Air King is undoubtedly one of the most high quality products on the market, some are frustrated by the somewhat complex set up that’s required out of the box. The storm guard panels, which protect against any weather event, and mounting hardware do not come pre-assembled.

Among customers, the Air King brand, which is a Lasko subsidiary, is praised for its customer service and quality assurance. One customer who purchased the Air King noticed months later that he was missing some mounting hardware and the manufacturers offered to ship the extra parts completely free of charge.

  • Fully adjustable fan speeds, allowing you to select for specific RPMs for maximal utility
  • Steel-coated blades and front panel, meaning that the Air King lasts much longer than its competitors in even severe weather conditions
  • One year warranty provided with new Air King purchase

  • More pricey than other air cooling units in its brand
  • Some customers complain that the Air King causes noise by vibrating the window sill, which may be fixed by adjusting the unit more
  • Exhaust mode can cause negative pressure in the whole house, forcing some to open windows in order to relieve the pressure
Genesis Twin Window Fan

With 9″ blades and three different settings, the Genesis Twin Window Fan is a compact yet effective air conditioning unit perfect for small to mid-size homes. The Genesis fan is praised for it’s ease of use and set-up.

Offering expandable side panels that fit snug sills, the dual window fan can be extended to fit an additional 6.5 inches on any side. The fan sits at approximately 24″ x 12″ x 4″. Just like other fans, the Genesis works by drawing in cool air from the outdoors and pushing up hot exhaust outside.

If you prefer to move around your fan, it can easily be set up to sit on any counter, ledge, or floor with the included freestanding legs. Moving it around is even easier, considering that the top of the unit has a built-in handle hidden in the back to maintain the slick design.

Most importantly, Genesis features patented “Max Cool” technology, allowing the thermostat to be programmable for any temperature ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Though no LCD monitor is on the Genesis, the LED lights help you easily keep track of the current temperature setting for your home.

According to customers, the Genesis fan is quiet, effective, and incredibly reliable. With copper-gilded blades, the fan works well to dispel persistent odors from indoor smoking and many state that its medium speed is comparable to the Lasko brand’s high speed setting. In the words of reviewer Ms. Brown: “If you’re looking for a powerful, sleek, and efficient window fan with a good exhaust feature, look no further”.

  • Three programmable speed settings with higher average RPMs than its competitors
  • Features Max Cool technology, allowing for temperatures to range from 60 to 80 degrees
  • Comes with optional feet stands that allow you to place the unit on counters, floors, or ledges

  • Slightly more noisy at medium and high speeds than other similar products
Holmes Dual 8 Inch Blade Twin Window Fan

The Holmes Dual 8″ twin window fan is designed to fit most hung and vertical slider windows, measuring approximately 13″ x 25.5″ x 6″. With an adjustable extender screen and bonus installable extender panels included, consumers can rest assured knowing that it will likely fit even the most oddly shaped sills. In fact, it can extend up to 37 inches wide, which it considerably larger than standard apartment window widths.

Patented with dual blade operation and independent running motors, air intake, exhaust, and exchange technologies are used to most effectively draw in cool air to the whole home.

No matter the weather outside, the water resistant motors are safe to use in most climate and weather conditions, which makes it suitable to leave running even when you’re not home.

Customers can easily adjust the speed and temperature settings on the fan through the one-touch thermostat control panel.

Many appreciate the Holmes brand since their products are high-quality with an inexpensive price tag. The fan is quiet, affordable, and considered very long-lasting for its cost range.

  • Huge range of extendability, allowing it fit almost any hung or slider window size over 13.3 x 25.5 x 6 inches – comes with adjustable extender screens for all sides
  • Convenient carrying handle and LED temperature monitor
  • Water resistant motors designed to work reliably through any season
  • Very quiet for its price and features no beeping noises, even when buttons are pressed

  • No digital temperature readout, making it hard for users to determine the exact indoor temperature
  • Inconveniently placed latch sliders, which could make it difficult to adjust the unit while it is perched on the window sill
Lasko Twin Electric Reversible Window Fan

The Lasko name is considered a household name within the air cooling industry. The electric twin reversible window fan, with two independently controlled motors, allows you any degree of specificity you need in cooling your home.

Both fans work full-time to push out old, hot air from your entire home while also drawing cool air from outside. While some might state the fan is a little simplistic, Lasko has gone the extra mile to increase consumer comfort.

One interesting feature includes a temperature thermostat, which monitors the temperature in the room and automatically shuts off the fan to make sure your comfort remains consistent. This makes it ideal for nighttime use and safe enough to leave running while you run errands.

With side panels that fit a 25″ to 35″ wide and 12″ high (or taller) sill, small and mid-size apartments can benefit greatly from this compact yet powerful Lasko fan. Additionally, set up is easier than ever – even if you’re not mechanically minded, the window is already fully assembled for immediate use with snap-on feet for extra utility.

If the weather is turning sour at any point, you can set up the Lasko fan just about anywhere in your home to continue circulating cool air.

Generally, reviewers are very pleased with the Lasko brand. Many state that the fan has worked perfectly for them over the course of several years and has remained just as silent as the day it was first installed.

  • Two quiet, programmable speeds
  • Features electrically reversible fans
  • Automatic shut-off feature included

  • No guarantees for how the Lasko fan lasts in rainy weather