Quietest Drones of 2020 – Buyers Guide and Reviews

Quietest Drones 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide
Drones have made their way to the marketplace. People are flying them in parks or toying with them at a barbecue.

Today’s drones are helping the military target the bad guy and hospitals are drop of medicine to the elderly. Drones have matured since seeing kids play with at their friend’s house. Now, the drone market has exploded with new technology and design.

The builds are mind-blowing to look at. Manufacturers are not holding back and giving buyers drone designs they used to dream about. It doesn’t take you long to realize the product makers of drones mean business.

Restaurants use them for delivery services. A drone can now follow along for a jog providing extra safety. The list seems endless as a new drone design hits the market each month or year.

Like any product, you want to make sure it fits your needs. How durable is a drone? Where am I allowed to fly it? Will it give me a noise complaint? These are the questions you need answers to. They help to make an informed decision about your drone purchase.

If making noise with your drone is your issue, then consider this review and buyers guide for the quietest drones for 2020.

TOP 5: Quietest Drones 2020: Reviews and Buying Guide

1. DJI Spark, Portable Mini Drone – Gives you around 16 minutes of air time and great for home and video projects.

2. Force1 GoPro Compatible HD Camera Drone – You could call this a beginner’s model that has an impressive 15 minutes of hang time.

3. DJI Phantom 3 Professional: Quadcopter 4K UHD Video – This sturdy design can sit idling for nearly 23 minutes. You get the most out of this one using it in large open spaces outside.

4. Parrot Mambo If you need your drone to lift things, consider this one with it’s strong frame.

5. DJI Mavic Pro Platinum – You barely hear a peep from this quiet gliding drone. You can keep this one hovering in the sky for 15 minutes.

1. DJI Spark, Portable Mini Drone

It never hurts to bring your drone with you while out on the town. Who knows, you may stop off at the park and let it go. It’s always good when your drone fits in your pocket or a duffel bag. The DJI Spark makes this possible with its size. It’s loud when hovering in your bedroom. Outside it soars into the sky with gusto and handles any open weather with ease. You won’t hear much from the DJI Spark as it moves around in the sky. The propellers are strong giving it the ability to have impressive sound reduction.

This drone is perfect for the crafted video project or those that are more serious. It comes with a technology called Faceware. It doesn’t take long for it to conform to your face as get into the air.

You can purchase the remote control system separately. The controls are not difficult to move around and it makes flying even more enjoyable. It delivers when wanting to get great aerial shots of your town or your neighborhood. The DJI Spark is the smallest drone on this list.


Takes great photos and video
Controls are easy to use
Simple to store


Battery detach and drainage issues
Connection problems
Error codes

2. Force1 GoPro Compatible HD Camera Drone

The Force GoPro Compatible HD Camera Drone shines with its impressive features offering a noiseless ride. You get a great machine for under $100. GoPro lovers who own the 3 or 4 models can attach with their specific cameras. The motor is brushless and is known to not make noise at all. Users can bring it with them to school in a backpack or out for the day on a hike. All attachments are removable and allow for packing in a tight bag for travel that won’t weigh you down.

It’s a great starter drone for those trying to get a handle on one that works as the quadcopter it is. The controls are simple to figure out. Once it in the air, the Force GoPro maintains a steady flight path. You have a choice between low and high modes if you’re looking to see how it handles. The best thing about this drone is the impressive flips at 360 degrees. With an hour for a charge, the Force GoPro floats easily for about 15 minutes with no problems. You won’t experience issues with the propeller’s guards in case it drops out of the sky from a bad crash.


Quick-release body
Great product for the price
Works great with Android phones


Defective battery issues
Control connection problems

3. DJI Phantom 3 Professional: Quadcopter 4K UHD Video

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter 4K UHD Video drone is by far the quietest of this list. It’s packed with a powerful 4K camera where most others are of lesser quality. Professionals will love this drone as it’s meant for them. It allows for switching back and forth from 4K to 1080p with ease.

It’s equipped to take photos using the 12MP loaded camera. The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is the photographer’s dream when wanting to capture the most detailed nature shots. It works excellent with most smartphones and the camera has a swivel.

The installed Lightbridge technology keeps a much better connection than any Wi-FI. It allows for simple control using the DJI application. It doesn’t take much to download the app and within seconds you’re up in the air. Calibration is fast and easy to comprehend for the beginner to the novice.

From around 25 feet away, the DJI Phantom 3 professional purrs with barely any sound. It’s sleek robust design moves in a path with determination from its powerful propellers. It glides with precision in the air. The design comes with GPS and GLONASS dual systems that give it a stabilized movement when traveling through the sky. Users can protect this drone from a crash by purchasing the hard shell container meant to safeguard the body if it drops unexpectedly.


Sophisticated technology installed
Shoots jaw-dropping video and photos
Free repair


Compass issues
Defective parts
Firmware creates malfunctions

4. Parrot Mambo

This drone is great if you’re on a budget and price is an issue. The Parrot Mambo is great for travel and you won’t hear a peep from it. This one isn’t meant for the professionals and won’t deliver amazing 4k videos or photos. You will get images in resolution that’s 480×640. You’ll find a pellet shooter that can shoot balls nearly six feet or more away. It gets even more exciting with the Parrot Mambo when doing tricks such as barrel rolls or simple flips.

It’s best at carrying items to other locations that are no more than four pounds. You can attach the claw by downloading the free application called Free flight Mini. The Parrot Mambo is compatible with smartphones and takes nothing to calibrate. You’ll find a virtual pad to use as the controls.

The camera won’t snap pictures left and right, but it will provide a good visual of the ground below. There is an autopilot feature that offers a nice stable directional path. Any crashes that occur make the Parrot Mambo go into an automatic shutdown mode. It click off the engine saving it from any damage.

It hums quietly when indoors and hovering by itself for nearly 5 minutes at a time. The sound is manageable and just above the conversation level. You can still maintain control with it being only 20 to 65 meters away. Users get the option to get an extra battery, which comes highly recommended.


Pellet shooter works amazing
Great connection with Bluetooth
Responsive times are impressive


Design not as sturdy
Low battery issues
Malfunction during flights

5. DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum has impressed users with its compatibility and lightweight. It’s great indoors and the sound levels are around 68dB making it quieter than it’s basic Phantom model that hummers at 71dB. The Platinum is smaller in size and great for on the go. This quadcopter stays in the air for nearly 27 minutes outshining every one on this list.

Though most users fear crashing their drone or losing it while in the sky, the Platinum has a FlightAutomony technology giving it spot on recognition of objects. These can be nearly 15 meters away and it knows how to take off in another direction. It reaches high into the sky at 7km and still can film 720p to 4k resolution of video.

The footage and images are amazing from high altitudes. The controller is no problem when using the Tapfly system and pairing it with standard smartphones. Give the system one tap and it’s heads in that direction. Use the Gester mode to snap many selfies while enjoying your city.

The Platinum whizzes through the sky at 40 mph with mere silence. It even slows so you can capture some worthy images. You have sensors that work in-conjunction with googles giving you stunning photos and videos.

Quieter than the Phantom
Good quality design
Package has lots of extras

Battery size and weight
Parts missing

Buying Guide

Does a Quiet Drone Matter?

You can’t ignore the need for silence when deciding which drone works for your tastes. Many of these machines assist with surveillance. The last thing you want is a loud buzzing noise from above.

Most users would rather fly their drones in peace instead of waking up the whole neighborhood with people pointing up at the sky. Silence matters when want to lift your drone in the sky undetected. They are the best to use when filming nature. Getting the perfect video in these environments is a challenge.

You only get one chance until the wildlife runs off into the bushes. A drone that gives off minimal sounds assures that your camera video is authentic and not staged.

What Should I look For?

What drone feature is a must? This determines which one you select. There’s no sense in buying a drone and wishing it came with a certain technology. Make a detailed list of all the features your drone needs to have in order for you to be satisfied.

Are you more interested in battery life? What about the controller? The goal for most users is simplicity. If you know you’re using it for a film project, then hovering for five minutes at a time won’t work.

You might have an Android phone which means you need the drone that can easily sync with that device. You now know drones have endless features. It’s a matter of how much you want to pay for the features you need. Be careful not to overbuy.

Don’t just get a drone with cool features and never use them. Read the packaging and find out what extras come in the box. If you prefer nighttime drone use, then the camera feature needs to adapt to that. Consider the quietest drone on this list, the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum that gives you a quiet ride at 68dB.

If you want a drone to fly solo at night with no problems, then this one might be your pick. Features will always drive the best purchase for a drone. Maybe you want a less complicated controller that’s easy to figure out. Others might want a fast and smooth lift-off.

Not all of us are computer geniuses so software compatibility and easy syncing can be a priority. If you don’t get the features you intended, you’ll lose interest in flying your drone at all.


You can still have the best features on your drone, yet only use it indoors or once a month. It comes down to costs and what you’re willing to pay. For some, it doesn’t bother them to have the top of the line quietest drone sitting in their garage for days. Others might use their drone every minute of the day.

Your drone might be crucial to your profession or line of work. Are you a professional wedding photographer who needs to get the perfect shot of the bride and groom? Do you work in law enforcement or in emergency response professions where drone operation depends on life or death?

You’re the only one who can answer these questions. Knowing the use for the drone can narrow down what machine is best to buy. You don’t only want a silent drone, you need to put it to good use.

Consider The Build

Drones are bound to drop out of the air with no warning. Something went wrong while working the controls or you lost sync. There are many reasons a drone falls flat to the ground with a crash.

Your goal is to get the one with the sturdiest build or comes with a tough cover. Stick with those designs that protect the mechanics of the machine. It might crash, but it shouldn’t shred the drone into tiny little pieces.

Consider those with a good build that can deal with harsh weather. We can’t predict how the weather will be every time we take our drones on a flight. The build needs to withstand hitting birds in the sky or bouncing off the side of a wall.

No one wants to spend a lot money to watch it crumble on the first crash to the ground. If you want to move objects with your drone, then the build needs to support the weight of what you’re carrying.


A powerful motor gives you excellent hovering time. However, you must understand that with a strong motor it could burn out and catch fire. It can drop into the woods and soon you have another problem on your hands.

For those drones with sophisticated cameras that need instant focus for pictures, they need more power to pull this off. Drones with various functions always are packed with a powerful motor. Keep in mind, a strong motor also brings more noise.


A drone’s propellers help it balance while hovering in the sky. The quadcopters have four separate wings, while the Hexacopters come with six functioning propellers. The more propellers give you a smooth glide through choppy weather and great balancing.

For those needing to keep the drone in the air for long periods, then Hexacopters are a great choice. You might want your drone to hover over an event or film a long action scene. Balancing is very important in these situations. The more propellers on a drone gives you confidence it can scale a hill side with no problems. The Mavic Pro Platinum fits in this category and has different propellers that are compatible.

Air Time and Height

Air time and height is something else to consider for your next drone. While it’s silent and doing its job, the drone needs to give you the air time you need. It may not be a big deal for it to hover for five minutes and that’s it.

If you’re just experimenting with friends in the backyard, then this kind of air time doesn’t matter. This also is the same for the drone’s reachable heights. No one says you have to push it into the orbit and try to bring it into space.

When a drone is too high, you might lose sight of it or the sync might die. Go back to thinking about why you need your drone to hang for either 5 to 27 minutes. As mentioned earlier, air time can be crucial to some, while for others it doesn’t matter.

There’s enjoyment in watching your drone fly right before your eyes as you control it on the ground. You might have to check with air regulations regarding height desires. At this writing, most states are against drones flying along commercial planes creating interference.


We all know the weather is unpredictable no matter what the local forecaster tells us. Flying a drone in challenging weather brings about unexpected damage. You assume your drone can withstand rain, snow or slight winds.

If you plan to always put your drone in the air during bad weather, then it’s best to buy the one that can handle it. Most drones are not cheap as we can see by certain price tags. It’s a daunting experience to get everything attached, do a smooth lift-off and watch it get whisked away by a hard wind.

You’ll spend hours looking for your drone that might be lost forever. Pick the drone with the best tracking system and where the weather isn’t a concern. These will have powerful motors, installed technology that shift directions and can detect weather issues.

User experience

User experience is a big part of buying a drone. Most of us don’t possess the savvy computer skills as others. We want our controllers simple and the instructions easy to comprehend.

Your entire drone experience can burn to the ground when you can’t figure out how to operate it. You know you’ve purchased one that will hover quietly, but you struggle to get it in the air.

Find the drone that’s not a pain to operate. Make sure you have the right compatible smartphone and understand how to sync.

You might have to refer to the manufacturer’s video to watch them operate the drone and then try it yourself. Drone controls for professional models with more features take some time getting used to. The fewer features on your drone could save you a lot of worries.

These are the top five quietest drones for 2020. The one that gives any user the best quiet experience has to be the DJI Mavic Pro Phantom. Its noise level has an impressive 68db for sound.

You have the option to switch out its powerful propellers at your leisure. If you need little to no sound, then this drone is the best by far worthy of your money. All the listed drones have features for a variety of uses.

As mentioned, you must hammer out what the drone will do for you and why you need the features. You have your pick of getting the less expensive drone to fly around in your apartment.

It comes down to your tastes on how you intend to operate the drone for your pleasure. One thing this list brings is clarity on drone noise. Use this buyer’s guide to help you determine which drone works for your profession and line of work.

Always keep in mind what comes in the box as additional extras for attachment on your drone. Make sure it works with your smartphone and syncs with your desired software. Use this list to help you make the best informative decision when buying of your new drone.