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How To Soundproof A Noisy Water Pump In A Few Simple Steps

Is Your Water Pump Noisy in Your House?

If you’re like me, and you installed one for your house recently, then you may be suffering from the same annoying fate. The noise coming from the vibration of your pump set up could be driving you nuts. It Is hard to go on about your daily tasks with this incessant buzzing and whirring sound emanating from the pump in the background, messing  up your peace and quiet.


Because I could no longer tolerate the annoying racket, I researched how to soundproof a water pump. Of course, I am not a handywoman from the very start, so I had to read up on how to do this efficiently. Several of the forums I asked told me that the best way to get rid of the sound is to insulate the pump because this blocks out the noise.

However, no one could show me exactly how to get things done. Thanks to my sleuthing skills, I was able to piece together a perfect method to get the water pump into a soundproofed encasement. My quest to shut it up and buy me some moment of serenity led me to build my own DIY soundproof cardboard box.

You may be smiling at the thought of my humble cardboard box contraption, but you must know that it has done an amazing job to impede the noisy vibrations being emitted by my water pump. The best thing about it, my cardboard box invention was very easy to assemble, requiring only a few materials which you can purchase on Amazon. Have all of these delivered to your doorstep, so you can make your own soundproofing project to stop your water pump from making noise.

The best part about my cardboard box innovation is that it does not break the bank. All the materials are fairly affordable and easy to work with. As a result, the noise from it is now a thing of the past.

If you want to enjoy the same fate that I am feeling and living now, read below to find out how you can make your own soundproof box. Fret not for all it takes is a few simple steps that anyone can do. You don’t have to be an expert to get things done. I will also share with you a few simple tips and tricks I learned along the way.

But before anything else, make sure that you gather all these soundproofing materials from Amazon. Among the many online stores, they still provide the best prices and the most efficient services. The best part, you can read the customer reviews of each product, so you can see for yourself if what your buying will truly work.

Materials You Will Need for Your DIY Water Pump Sound Proofing

Here are the essential materials that you must buy to reduce water pump noise, so we can get started on the tutorials and you can get started on my projects.

Above all are the materials that you will need. Of course, you should have the basic tools in your home like scissors, tape measure, and the like. Better prepare those for your project.

Now, before I go on to share the actual cardboard insulating box procedure with you, I want to discuss first quite a few interesting facts about water pumps. This includes the different kinds of vibrations and noises because this will help you understand the gadget, and understanding something will help you know best how to stop the problem.

The soundproofing techniques you will adopt to keep a happy home will be based on a few key issues. You must take note that the older pumps and the poorly fitted pumps have the tendency to make the loudest racket and the most annoying noises, especially if you put them in an enclosed and tight area.

Proper installation is the number one key to making sure your water pump remains silent. In addition to this, you have to ascertain that you will be following a maintenance program for your water pump so it remains running well. Those pumps that are new or well maintained tend to be quieter.

Before starting your DIY soundproofing project, take note of all these above-mentioned information into consideration. Failure to do so may lead to frustration because you will be wasting your time doing the soundproof box, but you haven’t really addressed the primary issue of the noise. No matter what you do, you cannot mask the noise of a water pump if you do not address the primary problem.

Type of Noises Emanating From Water Pumps

In general, water pumps create two types of noise. Knowing this is essential so you can keep an eye out on what to watch out for. This will also help guide you when you are making your project so that you can address all noisy issues effectively.

  • Vibration Noise

As the name says, this kind of sound comes from the vibration noise that emanates from the pump as it vibrates into the walls or floors where you have had them installed. This can get really annoying as the vibrations will always continue while the pump is in operation mode.

To minimize this problem, it is critical to refit your water pump with isolation strips. These foam strips must be fitted between your structure to stop any kind of vibration from making its way out into the surface where it will register as an annoying kind of noise.

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  • Airborne Noise

This other kind of noise that the pump creates is coming from the airborne noise coming from the pump motor. Naturally, this will come out in full force when the water pump machine is in operation.

For you to successfully block out this kind of noise, you must rely on sound barriers that you can purchase on Amazon. There are many different types of barriers that you can use to stop the noise from entering your wall structure.

If you have what is called a load pump, then a soundproof cardboard box type of system is essential to have, so you can inhibit the sound from bothering you and your loved ones. Read on below for the super simple and easy steps on how to build your own soundproof encasement for your water pump.

How to Build A Sound Proofed Cardboard Box for Your Water Pump Noise

As we all learned in our science physics class, sound travels through the atmosphere in waves. The primary trick in basic soundproofing is to try very hard to trap these sound waves, so they don’t make their way into your eardrums to bother you. You can also opt to deflect the sound waves until the sound itself within the space is minimized.

You have to remember that the degree of difficulty when it comes to building your soundproof cardboard box is dependent on the size of your pump that you are attempting to provide coverage for. Of course, the bigger it is, the more complex the project will be. The bigger the pump, the greater number of decibels that it produces, which roughly means the strength of the noise.

The primary consideration that you must get a box that is size several inches bigger than your pump.  A plywood box or panels/frames that are shrouded in acoustic materials are the most ideal and effective products for dampening the sound.

Keep in mind that a cardboard box works well with smaller water pumps that create lower decibels or noise levels. This may be sufficient enough to soundproof your small home water pump. It is crucial to note that you must pick a thick and sturdy box because thinner boxes provide a greater chance for sound waves to escape.

To ensure that your cardboard box morphs into something super-efficient, you must move to cover the interior of the box itself with soundproofing material. There are many soundproofing materials available on Amazon. Take note that smaller car soundproofing mats have been known to work well for this project.

These car mats are fairly dense enough with the right texture to get the soundproofing job done. Dynamat and Fatmat are great brands that you can easily work with. You can also add an additional rug liner foam in the interior for added sound protection.

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This cardboard box must also be set on a foam rubber mat so that this material will insulate the box from the floors. On top of that, be mindful that your box should not touch the walls. Remember, sound waves travel through the walls and floors, so creating a space between the box and the surface will not pave the way for sound to travel. Instead, the insulation material will disperse the sound waves.

This is a very critical step to take: ensure that there is a provision for cooling within your soundproof box, especially if you tend to run the water pump for long hours. This is highly crucial because of the materials used in making your cardboard box to soundproof your water pump is made from fire-prone and hazardous materials.

I guarantee that you will be happy with this very cheap and effective method. My own cardboard box has proven to be super-efficient when it comes to distorting the sound waves and reducing the annoying sound level drastically. If you want things to be even quieter, you can add more layers of cardboard and more sound-deadening materials to ensure your project’s success.

Apart from these materials, you may also consider natural fibers when it comes to soundproofing. These natural materials are now often used to make composite materials that are more environmentally friendly.

Natural fibers have been known to be an alternative to the more expensive synthetic fibers when it comes to improving sound quality. These fibers may include cocoa shells, wood, and hump, so these materials are now being used for acoustic absorption boards. These are heavily used these days because they are abundant, cheaper, and possess an all-natural cellular structure.

Additional Tips on Handling Your Water Pump to Make It Quieter

All the soundproofing in the world will not prevent your noisy water pump from making noise if you don’t take these five elements into consideration.

 Read on below and be informed about what these tips are because they ensure a quieter operation of your water pump.

Water Pump Position
  1. The position of your noisy well pump

Where your pump is installed or positioned plays a big factor in determining your water pump’s noise level. In an ideal situation, your pump set would be installed in a room with thick enough walls to protect us all from noise pollution. Thick walls are known to add further soundproofing.

You may choose to place your water pump set behind a huge barrier like a wall panel so it will serve as a barrier to ward off the travel of the sound waves. This will also block the sight of this contraption from your eyes. Making sure that your pump rests on a concrete base has the potential to also absorb more of your pump’s vibration.

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  1. Isolate the sound

This technique is especially beneficial for super loud and noisy water pumps. Isolating the airborne sound wave can be readily done by limiting the transmission of sound. Creating barriers are an important technique that can both deflect and absorb sound.

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  1. Selecting your pump

Invest in a quieter water pump from the very start. These types of silent pumps may be a bit more expensive, but in the long run, this is a great investment because they work silently in the background. They won’t annoy you with their racket, so be sure to check the decibel level when you are buying your pump.

  1. Incorporate routine maintenance

Be sure to always have your water pump checked and inspected to prevent it from making too much noise. Lubricating the noisy parts, replacing worn out pieces, or tightening loose screws will go along way into makings sure your water pump remains quiet while performing optimally.

  1. Use acoustic materials

Don’t discount acoustic mats when it comes to absorbing a sound echo or deflecting/ blocking the sound. Remember that each mat has its own purpose, so find out what you need most. There are many different brands to choose from online, but generally, for a small water pump, car acoustic mats will already work well because they are small enough, ridged, and thick; working well with your pump.

By using these mats and acoustic materials found on Amazon for your pump installation and operation, you can rest assured of having a more quiet environment. These materials come in varying styles and prices, so what you may end up choosing can be dependent on your budget. Choose one asap, so you can begin working on blocking off the wound of your pump.

Bottom Line

Installing a water pump for your home has numerous benefits like adding more power for when you water your garden or clean your car. This of course will also work well for commercial purposes. The only problem you can have with a water pump is the noise that the device tends to make.

Thankfully, as you can see above, there various ways to mitigate these noise problems. By making your own insulated and soundproofed cardboard box for your water pump, as well as following the tips and tricks for choosing and positioning your pump, you can rest easy knowing that you have done your best to ensure that your gadget will not make so much noise, giving you the necessary peace and quiet to rest in your home.