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How to Reduce Refrigerator Noise (Rattling, Buzzing, Gurgling)

Here is a list of materials needed for soundproofing a refrigerator

Have you noticed a buzzing or rattling noise under your fridge? Sometimes you may not be sure where the sound is coming from. The noise can get annoying, especially when you get up for a snack late at night.

Owning a fridge is a dream everyone would want to realize, but no one would ever want to have a noisy refrigerator. Have you been wondering whether there are ways to fix or soundproof a noisy fridge? Of course, there are a few simple ways to keep that noise coming from a refrigerator at a decent level.

If there are solutions to block noise from our snoring partners and soundproofing backyard fences, why can’t we keep the sound from our fridge at a tolerable level? 

That is what this article is all about. It attempts to demonstrate how homeowners can stop their fridge from making noise while they are asleep.

How to Reduce Refrigerator Noise

You could be living in a rented apartment with a noisy fridge, and you can’t relocate to another place or afford a new refrigerator. Sleeping in such a house can be hard even with earplugs. However, don’t despair as there are proven ways to insulate or fix a rattling or buzzing fridge.

It may seem impossible at first for a person who knows nothing about soundproofing a fridge. However, after several years of staying in a rented apartment with a noisy refrigerator, I now want to highlight some proven solutions for anyone who ever experienced the same problem.

Continue reading to understand the common causes of noise in a refrigerator and ways to fix them. You may not have money to take your fridge to a technician or know the reason for the sound. However, an anti-vibration mat can serve as a temporary solution to a noisy fridge or solve the problem altogether.

Why is Your Fridge Noisy?

Whether your fridge is new or old, it will undoubtedly vibrate or make some noises. Your refrigerator will create a constant sound, given that it has to be on at all times. You may think that this rattling or buzzing is usual, and it won’t destruct you for long.

You should view the noise from a fridge as you would on any other kitchen appliance. There is no need to get worried about that buzzing and rattling sound from a refrigerator, as this is just a typical sound of its operating system. However, the noise coming from a fridge can sometimes not be that subtle.

That means some adjustments might be necessary to fix the fridge. Check out on Amazon for noise reduction kits that can help solve problems with a loud fridge. But before you can even place an order, try to understand the cause of the problem to know the steps to take and ways to prevent the noise.

Reasons for a Loud Fridge

How to Reduce Refrigerator Noise

Dripping and Hissing Noises

The common cause of this problem is the refrigerant inside the compressor or the flow of oil. Never get worried as this noise is a typical sound for a working refrigerator.

Gurgling and Sizzling Noises

Refrigerators often make gurgling and sizzling sounds when the ice in the compressor starts to melt and drip onto the draining pan. Homeowners should not worry about these sounds, as they are typical for a functioning refrigerator.

Ways to Reduce or Eliminate Noise from a Refrigerator

You are now aware of the noises that are common in a fridge. What follows is learning how to soundproof a loud fridge. What comes to your mind when you hear a strange sound from your fridge? Probably it is having someone experienced in refrigerator repair inspect it.

Here are a few simple solutions to a loud fridge


Placing a fridge in a safe alcove with less human traffic can sometimes solve a lot of problems. A dent in the wall can sometimes be the best place to place your fridge. However, that can never be enough, as you may have to cover it with an acoustic foam panel. Covering the area around the fridge with foam panels can not only help reduce gurgling and buzzing noises but also block vibration. Foam panels are effective in dampening fridge vibration and absorbing unwanted sound.

Soundproof Your Fridge with Mass Loaded Vinyl

One of the effective ways to make a fridge less noisy is to try to soundproof it from the inside. The easiest way to do that is to cover it with mass loaded vinyl. Mass loaded vinyl materials are readily available on Amazon and have demonstrated their effectiveness in blocking the sound from the fridge.

If the motor of the fridge is accessible, try to cover it with a mass loaded vinyl as well. Homeowners can use mass loaded vinyl materials instead of acoustic panels for covering areas around the fridge and the walls behind it. Placing a mass loaded vinyl underneath the refrigerator can help prevent the noise from escaping underneath it.

Use Soundproof Booths

Not everyone has an alcove to put a fridge in. Such people can check out at Amazon for artificial fridge wooden booths. However, the wooden case should be spacious enough to allow the refrigerator to ventilate and function normally. That extra space is needed for adding acoustic foam. However crazy this might sound, placing a fridge inside a wooden booth can help block vibration and gurgling and hissing sounds. I have seen people build soundproof cabinets for their generator, and I see no reason why that can’t be applied to a refrigerator.
However, the cabinet should be spacious enough and with holes in the back and front and wherever the coils are to make it easier to close the fridge. You can order a custom-made fridge cabinet on Amazon and have it delivered the next day. Homeowners will need extra space around their appliance, though.

There are different wooden fridge cabinets out there, but I bet you want the one made with sturdy wood. Once the box is delivered to your doorstep, line it with soundproof insulation. That helps block vibration and noise from inside the fridge. Acoustic foam and MLV work well for such projects.

However, take the time to read the fridge user manual for any warning before you sketch out the cabinet. After all, you will want to make sure that all parts that need air get plenty of it.

Use Anti-Vibration Pads

One way to reduce vibration coming from a fridge is to use an anti-vibration pad. These pads are easy to cut, and you can place them underneath the refrigerator. You can use both rubber mats and anti-vibration pads for better results. One interesting thing with anti-vibration pads is that they can be bought anywhere, including Amazon. Order an anti-vibration pad on Amazon today and have it delivered the next day. It may be the answer to your gurgling or buzzing fridge.

Use Rubber Mat

Stopping floor vibration can sometimes be challenging. Appliances that vibrate against the walls and floor can cause an annoying noise. Silencing a fridge producing structure-borne sounds tends to be challenging than an airborne sound. You may want to create a distance between your vibrating fridge and the surrounding furniture, walls, or floor. Lifting a fridge onto a rubber mat is the easiest way to achieve this. If this solution has worked for laundry machines and air compressors, why can’t you try it out on your noisy fridge? It is known that both of these appliances vibrate more against the floor than refrigerators. The best way to separate a fridge from the surrounding walls and floor is to put a thick rubber mat underneath its legs. Ask a friend to help you lean the fridge toward one side and then slide the rubber mat under its legs.

You can decide to use a large rubber mat for covering the entire area under the fridge. Either way, the rubber mat will help absorb vibration and make your fridge quiet.

The first step to making a loud fridge quiet is identifying the source of the sound. A noisy fridge produces a lot of sounds, and it might be tricky to spot where each sound is coming from. You should pay attention to the sounds discussed above to know where that annoying sound is coming from.

Noisy refrigerators are not always noisy. It won’t take you long to spot where the noise is coming from once you understand the different types of sounds that a fridge makes. One way to make a noisy fridge quiet is trying to make its legs even so that it can be firm on the floor.

Jumpy vibration is one of the leading causes of noise in a fridge. But that can be addressed by placing some rubber mat under the legs of a noisy fridge. Rubber mats are effective in absorbing overall noise and vibration, but be sure to measure the size of the rubber mat before placing it underneath the refrigerator.

Use Soundproof Partitions

Several pleasing solutions can help cover the area around the refrigerator. Using soundproof partitions to wall the fridge off can help block the noise from a refrigerator and give your kitchen a modern look. Placing room divider curtains and soundproof curtains in front and behind the fridge works well for homeowners who are a fan of bohemian vibes.

Clean the Fridge

The easiest thing a homeowner can do to block unnecessary noise from a fridge is to clean it regularly. We all want our fridge fans to function efficiently without touching other components around them. In the interest of doing a successful project, consider wiping down the door, the sides, the top, and the door seals of a fridge with a soapy cloth. You might have to unplug the fridge first when cleaning its inside. After all, you want to pay attention to the compressor and fans inside the refrigerator. Then use a soft brush and a wet rug to dust the fans and clean the bottom and back of the appliance.

Dusting the fans can make a fridge more efficient and keep the content of the coils clean and fresh. You may want to dismantle the fans to check the condition of the rubber grommets. Any sign of wear on the rubber grommets indicates that it is time to replace them with new ones.

Once cleaning is over, place every component where it belongs. Securing the drain pan can help cut off any dripping and rattling noises from a fridge.

However, there is one crucial component that an ordinary person may not be able to fix, the compressor. The best solution to a compressor that has refused to work quietly is replacing it. However, that is not something that we can all be able to do on ourselves.

It may be necessary to enlist the help of a professional fridge technician. Do not despair if you can’t figure out where that rattling noise is coming from. Your next step should be to call a professional technician near you. A technician can determine the exact problem with your fridge and suggest the best solutions. Your technician can also advise you on what parts to replace to improve the efficiency of your refrigerator.

Hiring a professional fridge technician may not be a cheap option, but it is worthwhile. No one wants to keep replacing refrigerators. Avoid such troubles by working with a qualified repairer. There are still some measures that homeowners can take to soundproof their fridge if it continues making noise even after it has been serviced.

Final Thoughts

One of the unavoidable hazards in the digital era is noise pollution. However, there is no reason to let it overwhelm you. Kitchen appliances, refrigerator included, tend to make annoying noisy as they cycle on and off.

Refrigerators with an automatic ice maker can add to this problem. Earplugs are no longer a solution to a noisy fridge. The hacks that I have discussed above can help you silence a noisy fridge without causing any inconvenience.

It is usual for a fridge to make noises. The chances are that you won’t be able to insulate your fridge completely, but there are proven ways to reduce those annoying sounds. In most cases, placing a rubber mat under the refrigerator would be enough to quiet a noisy fridge.

Even minor fridge noises can be annoying. After all, no one wants to study or work in a room with destructions. Whether your fridge is loud or quiet, prevention is always the best cure. I would suggest building a custom-made cabinet booth and placing a mat underneath the leg of a fridge. These are sure ways to keep a refrigerator working efficiently and blocking any annoying sounds.

Has your noisy fridge become a nuisance? Has it ruined your conversation with kids and given you sleepless nights? Just like the laundry machine and dishwashers, refrigerators are known for vibrating against the floor. However, the above simple DIY tricks can help soundproof a noisy fridge without causing a strain on your budget.