How to Quiet a Car Exhaust (Without Losing Performance)

How to Lower Down the Noise of a Car Exhaust Without Losing Performance

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A vehicle with a loud exhaust traveling on a residential street is truly annoying. Many people have been complaining about these vehicles, and in some places, the government even had to step up and pass legislation that made it illegal. This is one of their solutions to the growing number of vehicle owners who are irresponsible when it comes to the noise that their vehicles create. Making it illegal will encourage the vehicle owners to have their exhaust systems checked and determine what went wrong.

If you have a vehicle that produces a loud noise, you should take it to a mechanic and have them diagnose the vehicle. The mechanic is knowledgeable when it comes to issues with the exhaust pipes, and they have different solutions that will resolve this problem. If you wanted to save money, you can also resort to a do-it-yourself style repair. There are many ways on how to cut the noise of your exhaust without sacrificing the vehicle’s performance. Read on to discover what are the best tips and tricks on how to minimize the noise created by your exhaust pipes.

Things that you should remember before trying any repair procedures

A lot of people think that cars are extremely difficult to repair. Vehicle owners think that these things are difficult to work with, and whenever an issue is coming up, they decide to take it to the mechanic for repairs. They let the mechanics do everything that they can do minimize the issues with the vehicles. This is the best thing to do especially if you don’t have any background when it comes to fixing a car. If you decided to continue fixing your car without any prior experiences, you might end up making the damage even worse. Know when you should step aside and allow the professionals to fix it for you.

On the other hand, there are times wherein the issue with your vehicle is a simple one, and all you need to do is to follow the instructions online or from any sources and do it yourself. A noisy exhaust pipe is one of the problems encountered by vehicle owners around the world. Surprisingly, there are a handful of solutions that you can consider to fix a noise exhaust pipe. If you are clueless about what to do with your noise pipe, you can ask the professionals for their assistance. When it happens, the first thing that they usually do is to find the reason why the exhaust pipes are producing a loud and terrible sound.

What are the possible reasons why the exhaust pipes became noisy?

Noisy exhaust pipes can be the result of either a powerful vehicle or an older one. For example, it is normal for a sports car to have noisy exhaust pipes because of how much power is contained in these vehicles. When a car has more power, expect that the noise it produces is much louder. On the other hand, old cars can produce a louder noise because of a failing exhaust pipe. When an exhaust pipe is overwhelmed with rust, it will start to loosen its grip with the entire system and eventually fail. You should check your exhaust regularly and look for possible damages to the system. You can find out if your vehicle is acting when you start hearing these sounds. Check for leaks as well because the issue might be coming from this side of the vehicle.

How to determine if the noise is due to a leaking exhaust pipe?

A leaking exhaust pipe can also produce a loud noise, and to determine if yours have one, you should go under the vehicle and check the system for any holes. The most common reason why an exhaust pipe starts to leak is because of the presence of holes. Try parking your vehicle in a flat area and wait for a few minutes. When you start to notice a puddle of liquid underneath your vehicle, it is solid proof that your exhaust pipe is leaking. A cloud of smoke coming out underneath your vehicle is also a good indicator that there is a present leak. After you confirmed the existence of leaks on your vehicle, proceed with fixing the exhaust leaks.

There are times wherein the vehicle produces a loud noise, but no leaks can be detected. When it happens to you, a leaking exhaust pipe might not be the main reason why it happens. A suspicious noise can be due to defective valve filters, but it can also mean a whole different issue. When you find it too difficult to establish that the exhaust pipes are leaking but you continue hearing a strange sound, you should take your vehicle to a mechanic for further diagnosis.

How to lower down the noise of the exhaust without losing performance?

Here are the top five most popular ways on how to limit the noise coming out of your exhaust without sacrificing the performance of the vehicle.

1. Fix the leaking exhaust pipe

Many people find it too challenging to fix the leaks on their exhaust pipe. The reality is that these types of leaks can be fixed easily with the use of special items. When you have the right material on your hand, fixing this issue can be an easy one. Heat-resistant epoxy tubes are the most common materials used when fixing an exhaust pipe full of small holes. It should be applied to the holes and let it cure for a few hours. You will notice that there is a huge difference in the noise that the vehicle makes after all of the holes have been patched with this material.

The most popular materials that you can use to patch these small holes can be purchased online, especially on You can choose either the Permatex Epoxy Stick or the Heat Wrap Tape to patch the small holes on your exhaust pipes. These products come with an instruction manual that will guide you through the repair process. Follow the instructions and you will fix the issue in a few minutes. After waiting for the material to cure, you will notice that the epoxy will now be hard as a metal. This durability will help the exhaust pipe survive for a longer period.

Another material that you can use is the Dynomax Muffler Cement. This is the most recommended material for those who have larger holes on their exhaust pipes. When compared to a Permatex Epoxy Stick, this product provides you with a tube of epoxy that has a 16-ounce volume. This is eight times larger compared to the epoxy stick, which only has two ounces of sealing material. This is enough to cover larger holes.

Always remember that before you apply a sealing material on your exhaust pipe, make sure that all of the rusts on the area will be removed. When rust is still present and you applied the sealing material, it would not be very effective. On the other hand, if the exhaust pipe is filled with holes, you should go to an auto shop and buy a new one instead.

2. Buy a new muffler

The noise produced by failing exhaust can be heard inside the vehicle, and imagine how loud it is for those who are outside. If you ignore this problem, people from your neighborhood might file a complaint against you. It is important to resolve the issue with your vehicle immediately after you realize that there is something wrong with it. When it comes to a noisy exhaust system, you should take a look at the mufflers and see if the issue originates from here. A muffler is installed on the exhaust system to minimize the sound it creates. When a muffler starts to become faulty, it becomes ineffective and it starts producing a loud noise.

Buying a new muffler can be the easiest solution to this problem. Products like the K-Tuned Universal 3-Inch Muffler and the Autosaver88 3-Inch Bullet Muffler are readily available on Amazon. People who have purchased these mufflers left tons of favorable reviews for these items. You can install these mufflers on your vehicle DIY-style, or you can also buy the parts online and then take it to the mechanic for repairs. After these mufflers have been installed on your vehicle, you will notice a lot of changes when it comes to the noise that it creates.

3. Do-It-Yourself Soundproof Mufflers

This trick is for those who are confident with their DIY skills. If you are into fixing stuff and other related activities, you may want to try this step. Mufflers are built with materials that limit the amount of sound coming out of the exhaust system. These materials are commonly used as household items like metal wools, steel scrubs, or fiberglass packing. If you visit, there are a lot of sound-reducing materials that you can buy for your vehicle. You can check out this Steel Scrub or this Fiberglass Packing for Motorcycle Exhausts as a possible material for reducing the sound from your exhaust.

Make sure that the material that you will be using is heat resistant. The exhaust system can produce extremely high temperatures, and if the material you used is not resistant to heat, it may melt and result in more damage in your exhaust. Also, if you are not confident with your DIY skills, do not try this trick and send your vehicle to a mechanic instead.

4. Buy a Silencer for you Muffler

A muffler silencer can drastically reduce the sound from your exhaust system. The primary use of a muffler silencer is to narrow down the hole where most of the noise from the exhaust system is passing through. This would result in a quieter exhaust system, and these things are easy to install. All you need to do is to slip it inside the exhaust pipe and you are good to go. If you are still clueless about which type of muffler silencer you should buy online, you can consider this Universal Muffler Silencer from Amazon. This product has a lot of positive reviews, and people are raving about how good it is when it comes to making an exhaust system quieter.

5. Do-It-Yourself Silencers

Finally, you can also create a do-it-yourself silencer that you can use to limit the amount of noise coming out of your exhaust system. However, if you are not experienced when it comes to DIY work, you should avoid doing it.

To begin, you need to search for two exhaust pipes. Use a jar lid and plug it into an exhaust pipe. Then, use epoxy to connect it to the other exhaust pipe. Install it on your vehicle and you would notice that there is a huge difference in the noise that it creates.

If you don’t have two exhaust pipes, you can also use a regular soda can. A muffler silencer can be created from a soda can, and all you need to do is to cut it in half and drill nine holes on the lower part of the can. Stuff it with a lot of steel wools and paint it with the color that you wanted. Then, place it in the exhaust and listen to the sound that it creates. You would notice that it became quieter, thanks to the materials that you stuffed inside.


When you start driving on the road, make sure that your vehicle is in the right condition. The exhaust system is one of the most crucial parts of your vehicle, and make sure that it has been inspected by a mechanic before you go on a trip. When an exhaust system is in good condition, it would generate less noise. A noisy exhaust system can generate a loud noise that sounds irritating for those who are outside. Making your exhaust system quieter is a win-win situation – people would not be annoyed whenever you pass by, and you will also have a great time driving your car.