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Loud Footsteps? – How to Make Heels Quieter

Wearing high heel shoes can provide many benefits. They can make you appear taller and change how men react to you. They can make you look slimmer and shorten your gait, and they can build your confidence and self-esteem.

The self-esteem and confidence boosts that wearing high heels can provide can not only improve the quality of your relationships but also improve how you interact in the workforce.

Women who lack confidence in themselves can face “impostor syndrome” while navigating their daily lives at work and in job interviews, and if you’re one of the women who feel like an impostor in the workforce, wearing heels can boost your confidence and increase your overall quality of life at work and at home.

Make Heels Quieter

Unfortunately, while wearing high heels can provide a number of benefits, they can also have one major drawback: They can be loud.

I’ve comprised a list of six things you can do to decrease the loudness of your high heels. By following the advice in this article, you can get the benefits of wearing high heels without having to deal with their loudness.

Depending on the method you choose to make your heels quieter, you will need one or more of the following items from Amazon:

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1. They’re Too Large

The first factor that can determine how loud your heels are is their size. If your heels are too large, your grip on your heels will be weak. Since your feet can’t grip your oversized heels properly, this can cause your heels to make extra clacking noises as you walk.

These clacking noises are caused by your heels repeatedly striking the floor as you walk since your feet aren’t properly picking up your heels with each step.

If your heels are the wrong size, you may also choose to drag your feet rather than lift them up as you walk.

How to Make Heels Quieter

The reason you may choose to do this is to prevent your heel from falling off your feet as you walk. The problem with doing this is it can damage your heels, and your high heels will still make noise as you walk.

To prevent buying oversized heels, measure your feet and test out the heels you want to buy while shopping in the store.

If you buy heels online, make sure you review the sizing chart of the store you’re shopping from. Different stores have different sizing charts, and while you may be a size 8 at one online store, you can be a size 9 at another.

2. You Have a Heavy Gait

If you have a heavy gait, this can also cause your heels to be loud while you’re walking. People with heavier gaits tend to lift their feet higher as they walk. Unfortunately, raising your feet higher as you walk can increase how strong the impact is when your feet come back down.

So, if you wear high heels and you have a heavy gait, every time you take a step you cause your heels to loudly impact the ground beneath your feet. To prevent doing this, try to control how high you lift your feet as you walk.

3. The Surface of the Floor

Walking on hard surfaces while wearing heels can make your footsteps loud. However, walking on carpets and other soft surfaces while wearing heels usually doesn’t make your footsteps loud.

So, if you want to wear heels without your footsteps being loud, you can wear them when you know you won’t be walking on any hard surfaces.

If you must wear heels on a hard surface, then try walking a lighter gait. Doing so is the best way to decrease how loud your heels are while you’re walking on a hard floor. This can also affect the people below you because you are technically walking and making noise on their ceiling without even knowing it. Having a good relationship with your neighbors is a good idea. 

Now, if you don’t want to have to jump through hoops just to wear your favorite high heels, then you can try out our list of the six best ways to make your heels quieter without changing your gait or the flooring you wear your heels on.

The Six Best Ways to Make Heels Quieter

1. Wear Rubber Heel Caps

Most types of heels have pointy tips, and these tips are responsible for a lot of the noise that heels make. Covering the pointy tips of your heels with rubber heel caps can reduce the amount of noise that your heels make. Rubber heel caps not only reduce the noise of your heels but also protect them from damage and increase their stability and comfort. The best rubber heel caps I’ve found are the OtooKing High Heel Protectors on Amazon. The noteworthy features of these rubber heel caps include the following:

One package of these heel caps come with 12 pairs of protectors. You will receive four pairs of each size.

These rubber heel caps do not reduce the noise of heels completely, but you can walk more confidently with them on as they do decrease the clacking sound of heels substantially.

2. Insert Gel Cushions

If your heels are loud because they are too big, then inserting gel cushions into them should solve this problem. Inserting gel cushions into your heels will help them fit your feet better. This better fit will allow your feet to have a better grip on your heels. Since your feet will have a better grip on your heels, your heels will not slide as you walk and create extra clacking noises. Like heel caps, gel cushions can also reduce the noise of heels by absorbing some of the impact and shock that is created when your heels strike the ground as you walk. The BRISON Easy Walk Pads are some of the best gel cushions on Amazon. These soft and eco-friendly silicone gel inserts come with a variety of great features and benefits:

If you’re someone who wears heels often, and you frequently have to walk around throughout your day, then these gel cushion pads will not only reduce the noise of your heels but also increase your daily comfort.

Also, since these silicone gel pads are designed to be inserted into your shoes, you can use them without having to change the external appearance of your heels.

If you want to get the most noise-reduction benefits, then you should combine these gel pads with the OtooKing High Heel Protectors to make your heels the quietest they can be.

These BRISON gel cushion pads should be replaced monthly if you use them often, and if you do not use them often then you can go a long time without replacing them.

This package of gel cushion pads comes with three pairs of gel cushions.

3. Use Anti-Slip Heel Sole Protectors

Rubber anti-slip soles are another way to reduce the loudness of your heels. Rubber absorbs shock and impact very well, so placing rubber anti-slip sole protectors on the bottom of your heels will make them quieter. You can get six pairs of Dr. Foot Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip Rubber Sole Protectors on Amazon. You can get six pairs of Dr. Foot Self-Adhesive Anti-Slip Rubber Sole Protectors on Amazon. These non-slip sole protectors provide many great features:

These DR. Foot rubber sole protectors come with a 12-month warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. These sole protectors should not be used on heels that already have a non-slip sole. Use these sole protectors on heels that have a smooth sole.

Rubber sole protectors should be replaced regularly. To apply these Dr. Foot sole protectors to your heels, clean your shoes, peel off the back cover of a sole protector, hold the sole protector with your fingertips, then press it firmly onto the sole of your heel.

4. Make DIY Heel Caps

You can buy the tools you need to make DIY heel caps on Amazon. You will need sharp sewing scissors, strong felt, and super glue.

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5. Layer Duct Tape

Another way to make your heels quieter by using a tool that you may already have at home is by layering the soles of your heels with duct tape. This duct tape method can be an alternative to buying sole protectors.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that this duct tape method will only make your heels quieter. Putting duct tape on the soles of your heels will not make them less slippery.

If you want your heels to be quieter and non-slip then you should buy the rubber sole protectors suggested above.

You will need to apply several layers of duct tape to get the best results.

if you don’t have heavy-duty duct tape at home, then you can use this heavy duty duct tape from Amazon.

6. Buy Quieter Heels

The final thing you can do to have quieter heels is to just buy sound-proofed heels.

To buy quiet high heels, look for heels that are made with some rubber materials. The rubber on these heels will absorb shock and impact well as you walk and prevent your heels from making noise as you walk.

The downside to buying quieter heels is that rubber isn’t a common material used on heels, so you aren’t likely to find heels you love with rubber on them.

In that case, you can just use one or more of the sound-proofing methods I’ve listed above to make your favorite heels quieter.

Conclusion on How to Make High Heels Quieter

I have shared with you six well-researched ways you can make your high heels quieter. I have also let you know the top three reasons why high heels are loud. The clacking sounds that heels make can make you feel powerful as the noise can feel like an announcement of your arrival, but many environments are not suitable for your heels to make noise. You should now know how to walk in heels to make them quieter and how to make your own DIY heel caps if you don’t want to buy the already-made OtooKing heel caps on Amazon. You should now also know that to make your high heels the quietest they can be, you can pair the OtooKing rubber heel caps with the BRISON gel cushion pads for ultimate sound-proofing. Wearing heels can make you more confident and increase your self-esteem, and those increased positive feelings can have a great lasting impact on your life. If you follow the advice I’ve shared in this article, then you should be able to wear your heels even more confidently because you’ll know they aren’t annoying anyone around you with their click-clacking noise. Following the advice in my article will also help you wear your heels more safely and lower your risk of falling or getting injured because you now know you can buy anti-slip sole protectors on Amazon to help make walking in your heels safer.