Best Soundproof Blankets 2020 – Sound Deadening

Best Soundproof Blankets 2020: Do They Really Work?
If you are working on a social media campaign project, struggling to record something, or attempting to study but failing because of the distracting noises coming from the street, then you may need a soundproof blanket. A soundproof blanket is used for many things, and it comes in a variety of styles depending on what you need. It could be for something like creating a home sound proof studio for your artistic endeavors, making a sound barrier against a noisy street, or merely blocking out a noisy neighbor so you can study in peace.

Other terms for soundproof blankets are studio blankets, acoustic blankets, or sound proofing with moving blankets. All of them mean the same thing and function alike. They all typically soundproof a room to turn it into something akin to a studio. These soundproof blankets are ideal for those who like to record songs, produce their own videos, block out noisy neighbors, and the like. Sound proof blankets can help cancel out noise, but learn to manage your expectations because they do not take out the sound 100% or completely.

What these soundproof blankets do is deaden or muffle sounds to a much more manageable level. The changes that these soundproof blankets bring are still significant and noticeable. As the sounds get bounced off these blankets, they can be reduced by up to 80%. For best results, pairing these with noise canceling curtains will get you even better outcomes.

We have come up with five of the best soundproof blankets available in the market to date to help you decide what to buy because there is an overwhelming number of choices online that make things more confusing. Since we have road tested everything for you, we can honestly say which are the best candidates. Continue to read the product specs below plus our attached buying guide, so you can make a choice grounded on information. The most important thing is to make a sound decision (pun intended) based on facts, so you will not regret spending your hard earned money.

Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes Deluxe Moving Blankets

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Product Specs:
  • Size 72 x 80 inches, weighing 2.45 pounds
  • Made using polyester material
  • This is woven in such a way to bounce the sound off the blankets
  • It is easy to keep clean and tidy

The typical use this blanket is to keep your items from shifting and bumping around each other during transit to help prevent against damaging furniture. These blankets from Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes doubles a a sound proofing contraption as well. Since these blankets are fairly thick and heavy, they are great for warding off noise because sounds have to travel through the thick blanket layers.

The polyester material’s woven pattern is effective in bouncing off sound waves. You can opt to layers several blankets for maximum outside noise protection. In this manner, you can also create a better acoustic effect. This comes in a set of four blankets, making it a good choice for sound proofing your home.

  • Machine washable so maintenance is easy.
  • This is a great multi-purpose blanket that can be use for more than just sound proofing.
  • Fairly reasonably priced with four blankets to an order.

  • Doesn’t come with a any grommets or provisions for hooks, so you have to think of your own way to install these on your walls.
  • The drab color and weak stitching makes the blanket look untidy, which may also eventually lead to issues of durability.

Although the primary purpose of these Cheap Cheap brand blankets are for some other purpose, it still works great in sound proofing your home or office.

Big Boxer Grommeted Industrial Blanket

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Product Specs:
  • Size 78 x 72 inches, weighing 8 pounds
  • Outer material is non-woven polyester while the filler is cotton polyester blend
  • This is enough to cover a small wall for sound-deadening needs
  • All Big Boxers include- heavy-duty reinforced metal grommets every nine inches along the surface of the blanket

The price of this product may draw you in because it appears very cheap, but do not forget that the price is a reflection of one piece of blanket only. For your sound proofing needs, you will definitely need more than just one item. Thus, it is critical to do your math, so you can come up with actual total price.

This fairly big blanket may be enough to cover a small wall and it can absorb the sounds of certain appliances like your dish washer. The built-in grommets make it easier for you to hang this wherever you may need it placed. The size per blanket is fairly hefty, adding to its noise canceling properties. And, of course, the material itself of this brand makes it a great product that soundproofs that area where you decide to hang it.

  • The grommets come in handy for quick set up and removal.
  • Its big size means you may need less because it can cover a big expanse of wall already.
  • Aesthetically speaking, it doesn’t look too shabby.

  • Be mindful of the price because it is only meant for one blanket

This Big Boxer industrial blanket is a fairly reasonable choice for someone looking to deaden the sound coming fro the streets or the neighbors. 

Sure-Max Heavy Duty Moving and Packing Blankets

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Product Specs:
  • Size 80 x 72 inches, weighing 22.6 pounds
  • Under forty bucks for a package of four blankets
  • Made with a double-sided construction of cotton and other high-grade materials
  • Interesting zig zag design pattern

The bigger and thicker the soundproofing blanket, the more sound protection it offers. This Sure-Max Heavy Duty piece lives up to its name with each blanket weighing a little more than 5 pounds and doing a heavy duty of absorbing sound waves to create a quiet environment. Each layer of this blanket is interspersed with padding, to ascertain that it absorbs sound well. It is perfect for your home or studio, and it can even protect against excess appliance noise.

These blankets are made with a high grade filler that offer muffling because of the additional fibers. These come interspersed with zig zag stitching to ensure that the fillers don’t move around. The stitches also add to the product’s durability because it keeps the inner cushioning in place for consistent padding protection and longer product life.

  • This product is fairly reasonable in price, so you can get several for your home or studio and create that sound barrier without breaking the bank.
  • The dual sided nature of these blankets provides protection and insulation from both sides, allowing for convenience if you use these for wrapping up furniture.
  • Offers superior protection because of the good quality materials these are made of.

  • This is not machine washable. Only spot treatment and cleaning can be done.
  • There are not built-in grommets, but some provision has to be made for hanging that can bear the item’s heavy weight.

This Sure Max blanket is a great multi-purpose tool that offers versatility for those who buy it. Those who purchase these blankets for soundproofing will also not get disappointed because these are reliable in that department, as well.

Audimute Absorption Sheets

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Product Specs:
  • Size 95 x 54 inches, weighs ten pounds
  • Known to reduce high and mid range noises by about 65%
  • Heavy design helps to reflect backs sound in the room where these blankets are placed in
  • Made of completely recycled material, making it environment friendly

If you desire sound quality that is akin to a professional grade set up, then you will need professional soundproof blankets that can get the job done with ease. With Audimute, you can expect to pay for quality, with four blankets costing more than double compared to the other moving blanket brands. However, the premium price is justified because these sheets are highly efficient, giving you highest noise absorption rate when compared to other high end brands out there.

This is great for musicians because it offers terrific acoustics as the heavy design reflects the sounds you make back into the room. This provides you with the best slate as it has the cleanest feedback for crystal clear audio recordings. You can just keep on recording without having to worry about distracting noises being picked up in the process.

The filler used for this Audimute sheets is wool polyester, making it an all natural, organic, and environment safe product. All of these fillers do a great job of absorbing any type of noise, making sure the area you place them in will be at its optimal best in filtering out sound.

  • Comes with grommets around the edges for easy installation.
  • Gives an almost professional sound quality.
  • This is a great choice if you are following a go green movement.

  • The price may be prohibitive for some who have to work with smaller budgets.
  • The materials can be a fire hazard, so they should not be left in hot space or near open flames.

This Audimute is a great buy if you’re a musician or a youtuber that needs professional sound acoustics for your recordings. It will offer you all the sound protection that you desire along with the super clear audio that you’re craving for.  

Singer Safety Double Faced Fiberglass Panel

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Product Specs:
  • Size 96 x 48 inches, weighs 12.45 pounds
  • Made for a vocal artist
  • Extra thick at around two inches
  • Soaks up the sound of nearly all decibels, almost canceling out all outside noise

This Singer brand soundproof panel bears its priority on its name. This soundproof device is great for singers or other vocalists out there. It also provides exceptional sound protection, along with amazing acoustic capabilities for your maximum enjoyment and recording pleasure. This super thick blanket must be one of the thickest ones in the market today, as it should be because the price makes this brand a huge investment.

The Singer works extremely well in blocking out all forms of noise. It is one of the heaviest too, at almost 13 pounds a piece. It is also another factor why noise can be easily canceled out by this brand. In addition, the quilted fiberglass is a great reflective surface that bounces the sound off the blanket, paving the way for better acoustics. All your recordings will undoubtedly have clear sound with minimal outside noise if you use the Singer as your blanket protection.

  • This is a high quality product that delivers high quality results.
  • The Singer brand does exactly what it claims it can do.

  • The bulky size makes it difficult to hang up without the assistance of anyone.

If you are willing to invest in quality because your career hinges on it, then the Singer is the right choice for you. It may take some extra cash and extra maneuvering to set it up, but this would be all worth it because the Singer will deliver and give the performance that you want.

Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider when you are thinking of purchasing your soundproof blanket. Take a look at these specs when you are shopping around. It is critical to compare and contrast each item’s specifications, so you can make a well-guided decision. Here are a few factors to look at:

Style and Material

The style and material of your chosen acoustic blanket determines the kind of effect you get. The heavy but cheap moving style of soundproof blanket will help you deter higher decibel noise. In contrast, quilted blankets will tend to get rid of lower, bass level tones.

Most soundproof blankets are made of fiberglass or a polyester material. Both work hard in absorbing and bouncing off sound, while also providing some sort of insulation to the room where you decide to put this blanket on.

Thickness and Fillers

The thicker the blanket, the more sound it absorbs as the waves have to pass through several layers. This is the ideal choice for most cases. However, the thicker the blankets are, the harder they are to hang. Make sure that your blankets have grommets and provisions for hooking them up easily to your walls.


These are used for hanging up the sound blankets on walls and rods. However, not every blanket has these grommets. If you buy a product without grommets, it is your responsibility to make sure that you can set it up on your own.


Cheaper is not always better. Sometimes, you do have to pay for quality. That being said, there are affordable and mid-range products that offer good noise canceling properties that you can still consider.   

Bottom Line

It is critical to do your research before you put down a huge amount in the more professional grade Audimute and Singer. If you’re just looking to mute out a few annoying sounds, then you can go with the more reasonably priced ones such as the Sure-Max. If you want to get the feel of each blanket, then a trip to the music store to get an actual look is your best bet. After reading about them in this comprehensive guide and/ or seeing these sound proof blankets in store, you will certainly be able to make a decision that you will not regret.