Best Silent Wall Clocks | 10+ Wall Clocks That Won’t Drive You Cuckoo

Best Silent Wall Clocks | 10+ Wall Clocks That Won’t Drive You Cuckoo
There’s nothing more annoying when you’re trying to sleep or more distracting while you’re attempting to get some work done than the sound of a ticking clock in the background. The sound can not only keep you awake at night, but it may even irritate you so much that it prevents you from getting your work done, which is especially problematic if you have deadlines to reach. But it’s inconvenient to not have a clock displayed in your room, and you may like the classy look of an analog clock in your room.

Because of that, you may want to consider purchasing an analog clock that is silent, so that it doesn’t produce any annoying sounds while you’re trying to get work done or while you’re sleeping. But the market for silent analog clocks is diverse and it can be difficult to find a specific clock that works for your specific needs.

Given that, this guide can help you find a specific analog clock that will work for your needs, since it not only lists some of the best silent clocks on the market, but it also contains information that you can find helpful in your buying processes.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing


It’s important that you consider what style and design the clock presents, since you’ll want one that’s able to look attractive in your room. More specifically, you’ll want to consider what type of material the wall clock is made out of, which can either be plastic, wood or metal. The material will ultimately determine how durable the clock is and how much it weighs. Other than that, you’ll want to consider how the numbers are placed as well as their font on the clock. For instance, are they represented in Roman numerals or simply numbers? Some clocks don’t even have physical numbers and they’re just dots or dashes.


You should also consider how expensive the clock is, since you’ll want to find one that’s not too expensive but is also able to offer high quality features.


Since the whole purpose of silent clocks is to not produce a ticking sound, you’ll want to make sure that the clock is actually able to operate silently. Check out what people are saying in the reviews and make sure that the clock doesn’t product any sounds while it’s in use (1).

Benefits of Silent Wall Clocks

  • Fits well with home decor
  • Easier to view the time
  • Don’t distract you while you’re working or sleeping

Silent Wall Clocks Reviews

1. Fzy.bstim Silent Wall Clock

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This clock is highly recommended for you if you’re searching for a basic wall clock that’s able to operate silently and offer minimal features. It presents letters that are clear and easy to read, and the design is classified as a high quality quartz style that can offer a classy and simple appearance to any room. It’s also battery-operated, so you can easily install one AA battery into the clock and benefit from its concise time-telling.

  • Offers a simple and basic design suitable for any room
  • Battery operated
  • Measures 12 inches, so it can easily fit onto cluttered walls
  • Not recommended for fancy or classy rooms

2. Foxtop Retro Silent Non-Ticking Wall Clock

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You’re recommended to check out this wall clock because it’s able to offer a more stylish design to any room. It presents a plastic case design that’s able to withstand wear and tear, and the plastic case and lens is able to make the clock easy to clean. Not only that, but this clock is also easy to use, since it features one hook as well as a wide slot in the back that allows the clock to be easily hung on the wall.

  • Affordable
  • Presents a retro and stylish design
  • Easy to clean, since it features a plastic lens and case
  • Only available in a stained wood color

3. DreamSky Silent Non-Ticking Quartz Wall Clock

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You should check out this DreamSky clock for the walls in your house because it features a small and convenient size that gives the clock the ability to be installed practically anywhere in the room. More specifically, this clock has a 10 inch face that contains easy to read numbers and dashes for each second. This clock is also produced with a solid plastic material that offers maximized durability.

  • Durable and stable design
  • Available in various different colors
  • Compact and convenient size
  • Previous customers complain that the minute and second hand sometimes run into each other

4. Adalene Large Non-Ticking Silent Decorative Wall Clock

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This Adalene wall clock is suggested for you because it measures 13 inches and presents a simple and plastic frame that can accommodate for not only lightweight properties, but also a durable nature. Furthermore, this clock is able to offer scratch-resistant and shatter-proof properties.

  • Able to work both indoors and outdoors
  • Contains scratch-resistant and shatter-proof properties
  • Available in an elegant bronze color
  • Measures 13 inches, so it may be too large for smaller rooms

5. HITO Silent Aluminum Frame Wall Clock

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You’re advised to check out this wall clock from HITO because it presents a superior sweeping movement in order to allow the clock to operate quietly. Not only are HITO’s clocks completely silent, but they’re also produced in order to offer easy readability. For instance, this clock is produced with large black numbers and hands that you can easily see from long distances across rooms.

Because of that, this clock is suitable for installing in larger rooms. It also presents a modern and classic design, so it can easily fit well with a variety of different decors.

  • Easy to read
  • Larger, so it’s suitable for larger dining or living rooms
  • Formulated with a superior sweeping movement
  • Contains a glass front cover, so it may be heavier in weight

6. Cockii Wall Clock with Large 3D Numbers

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This 13-inch Cockii wall clock may be beneficial for your specific needs because it features large white 3D numbers that are placed onto a black background. Because of this design, you have the ability to easily read the time from virtually any angle or at any distance while in the room.

Furthermore, this wall clock is able to offer a user-friendly installation and design, since it can be installed in less than a minute. Not only that, but this clock has a durable construction, since it’s produced with a glass case and a plastic frame that prevents dust from gaining access to the inside of the clock.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to read, since it contains 3D numbers
  • Stable construction prevents dust from filtrating inside of the clock
  • Only available in either black or white colors

7. Relian Rustic Beach Wall Clock

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This Relian Rustic Beach Wall Clock is highly suggested for you to consider purchasing because it features a beautiful design of a beach that has the ability to add style and class to your home. The clock itself specifically features a sky and an ocean that includes a variety of different colors. Because of the various colors, this clock has the ability to fit well with a diverse array of home decors.

Moreover, this beach wall clock features precise quartz movements that are able to give the clock the ability to operate in complete silence. Given that, you can confidently install the clock in your bedroom or your office without having to worry about the sound distracting you. Lastly, this clock features big and easy to read numbers, giving you the ability to read the time from long distances.

  • Available in various different sizes
  • Presents a beach setting, so it adds to any room decor
  • Operates completely silently with the quartz precision movement
  • More expensive than some of the other clocks on this list

8. Bjerg Instruments Modern Stainless Silent Wall Clock

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If you’re looking for a clock that offers a more classic and modern design to your home, then this one is highly recommended for you. More specifically, this Bjerg Instruments Modern Stainless Steel Wall Clock is produced with a modern design that can offer a simple and elegant look to practically any room inside of your household.

Not only that, but this clock is able to operate on only one battery, which is able to last up to a few months to a year. The clock is extremely easy to read, since it presents large letters as well as dashes for seconds that you can see from practically anywhere in the room. Furthermore, this clock presents a precise and accurate time for your convenience.

  • Accurate and concise time measurements
  • Presents a simple and modern design
  • Offers a durable and beautiful stainless steel construction
  • More expensive than some other clocks on the market

9. Kauza Matt Black Handcrafted Wooden Analog Wall Clock

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Consider purchasing this clock from Kauza if you’re looking for a modern and unique clock design, since it has a square and simplistic design that offers an elegant look that can accommodate for the decor in any room.

Not only that, but this clock is produced with high quality materials, including a multi-layer and waterproof plywood exterior that’s able to withstand a large amount of wear and tear. The hands are also produced with a stainless steel material that can add an even more rustic and classic look to the room. Moreover, this clock is 100% handcrafted, so it’s produced with sanded, collected, and customized parts for each specific clock.

  • Produced with high quality materials
  • 100% handcrafted to offer customizable features
  • Presents a trendy, modern and unique design
  • Previous customers complain that the clock stopped working after a few months

10. Oldtown Clocks Noiseless Silent Gear Wall Clock

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Lastly, you may find it beneficial to check out this Oldtown Clocks product because it’s able to offer a beautiful retro and rustic design to any room. For instance, this clock is produced with a country design that can effectively accommodate for the decor in practically any room.

Furthermore, this Oldtown Clocks product is lightweight and produced with a wood design, since the wood is classified as a medium density fiberboard material. This is beneficial if you’re placing the clock on a wall that either already has a large amount of weight on it or if the wall isn’t very sturdy to begin with. Moreover, this clock is able to operate in complete silence, since the hands move in a noiseless non-ticking quartz movement.

  • Lightweight, since it’s produced with a medium density fiberboard material
  • Requires no assembly
  • Offers a rustic and retro design that features gears that don’t move in the center
  • Most expensive silent wall clock on this list


Overall, each of these products is able to offer you a wide variety of benefits, including the ability to conveniently display the time on the wall without having to hear the annoying ticking sound that’ll make you go crazy. Since each of these wall clocks offer specific features, you can easily choose the best one to fit your specific needs after reviewing each of the clocks on this list.