Best Quiet Windshield Wipers | Silent Wipers Buying Guide

Best Quiet Windshield Wipers: Silent Wipers Buying Guide
It’s easy to forget that one of the most major annoyances of driving in heavy rain in the squeaking sound of old windshield wipers.

Ultimately, loud wiper blades are a big safety concern. Over time, most windshield wipers corrode due to extreme temperature and internal rust, causing the rubber to become uncoupled from the windshield.

If your blades squeak, you’re probably experiencing stubborn ‘wet spots’ where the wipers no longer wipe. As the problem persists, the wipers will continue to degrade and you’ll experience fuzzier visibility every time it rains.

So, no, loud blades aren’t just a minor annoyance: they could be dangerous.

How to Select the Best Windshield Wipers

It can be confusing and oftentimes needlessly difficult to try and find the proper pair of blades for your vehicle. Developing the quietest wiper operation means that you have to pay attention to blade length, style, and squeegee material. In fact, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision if you can barely hear the wipers at all when they’re running at full speed.

Before opting for just any time of blade, make sure to determine how compatible the blades will be with your windshield. Most blades range from 15 inches to 26 inches with different types of latching styles. Make sure to check the specifications of your windshield in the owner’s manual provided with your vehicle.

Additionally, there are distinct types of blade models that are designed for different weather conditions. One of the most affordable options is the frame style blade, which features a metal frame that is backed with premium quality rubber.

Now, most customers are opting for the slightly pricier beam-style wipers, that are not composed of separate parts but are instead made from one piece. These blades are made with a spring steel band that conforms to the exact shape of your windshield for the most perfect fit.

Ultimately, you should opt for blades made from durable, high quality material. Silicone, hardened rubber, and flexible rubber are some of the most common types of blade; however, silicone made become more stiff, which causes worse performance over time.

Review of the Best Quiet Windshield Wipers of 2020

Wiper Blade METO T6 12″ Windshield Wiper

Featuring water repellent polymer material, the Meto T6 produces a very efficient and effective wipe each time. The water-wicking material causes rain and any debris to fly off without creating too much of an annoying visual disturbance.

Through employing aerodynamic design, the Meto is designed specially to reduce drag, which keeps the wiper stable and nearly noiseless. The blade is coated with memory steel sheets that make the window press even and closely fitted, reducing the opportunity for small gaps to escape the blades.

Additionally, you can expect a long service life out of this set of wipers. The shell is made of elastomer material that is built to withstand extreme variations in temperature, whether hot or cold. Completely wear and corrosion resistant, a rubber strip of premium silicone keeps both your window and the wiper protected against the elements.

Many customers prefer the Meto brand since it’s been a staple of the industry for over fifteen years. The manufacturers are so confident in their product that each of their products come with a one year warranty and lifetime service guarantee.

Ultimately, the Meto is nearly as good as it gets in terms of silent operation. The high performance rubber strip helps not only to increase the seal of the wiper against the window, but to prevent vibration and friction-caused sources of noise.

  • Made with memory steel sheets encased in rubber and industrial-level polymers to ensure the most effective and silent seal – that’s right, no squeaking!
  • Comes with lifetime service guarantee and one year manufacturer defect warranty
  • Lotus-like drain due to the water-repellant polymer coating on the blades

  • According to some customers, rubber silicon surface may peel slightly from the metal shaft of the blade after several years of use

ANCO 30-22 Winter Wiper Blade 22″

Though the Anco blade may be slightly more pricey than a standard set of wipers, customers believe it’s more than worth the extra price bump. Meant to last through any type of weather condition, the DuraKlear exclusive rubber compound produces streak-free shine while remaining completely flexible for any window type.

The thick rubber cover over the heavy-duty blade frame prevents slush, ice, and freezing joints that plague other brands of wipers. Using the KiwiConnect installation system, the wipers are easier than ever to install in any make or model of vehicle.

Additionally, the Anco company offers over a dozen different sizes of wipers that are nearly custom tailored to work with your specific car. Ranging from 11 inches to 24 inches, it’s safe to say that nearly every type of compact sedan to large truck can be configured with the Anco blades.

Mostly, customers appreciate the quiet and seamless operation of the Anco blades. No matter the weather condition outside, the blades are just as quiet on low speeds as they are on high. The rubber seal created by the metal frame’s coating helps to keep the windshield clean and the interior of the vehicle quiet.

  • Heavy metal frame is coated with premium durable rubber that won’t deform in extreme heat or cold
  • Moisture wicking material helps to keep joints insulated even in extremely cold temperatures
  • Company supplies a full range of wiper sizes in order to accommodate any car model

  • No hardware defect warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • Somewhat more expensive than most wiper brands due to the use of patented weather resistant rubber

Bosch Aerotwin 3397007297 Wiper Blade 24″

The Bosch Aerotwin wiper blades are engineered specifically with precision in mind, providing consistently excellent performance every time in any type of weather. Paired with dual precision tensioned steel springs, the wipers deliver uniform wipes through distributing pressure evenly throughout the entire windshield.

The days of aggravating wet spots, jitters, and constant squeaking are gone. The graphite coating will continue to provide smooth, quiet operation and consistently clear wipes for several years after the wipers’ initial installation.

Additionally, the blades have been crafted with aerodynamic design kept in mind at all times. No matter how heavy the rain or how fast your vehicle, the Bosch wipers will continue to adapt to wipe cleanly and effectively.

Before opting for these blades, you should make sure that they will configure properly with the make and model of your car. Some customers have complained that the sellers obfuscated the fact that the wipers are model-specific. Make sure to consult your vehicle’s windshield code found in the user manual and compare it to the specifications of the blades online.

  • Aerodynamic design is crafted to provide excellent wind resistance and performance in high speeds
  • Provides even seal and pressure on every part of the windshield to reduce noise and left over wet spots
  • Extremely easy to install via “snap in” tags on the wipers

  • Will not work effectively for every type of car windshield

Safelite AutoGlass Advanced Windshield Wiper Blades

Featuring easy connection technology, it’s simpler than ever to effectively snap these windshield wipers onto your particular vehicle. The memory curve steel beam will provide uniform, seamless pressure against your windshield to provide the most quiet wipe ever.

The durable, all-weather blades come in a range of sizes from 13 inches to 28 inches, providing the perfect seal for every size and angle of windshield. With a side mount coupler, the wipers are built specifically to reduce all sources of wind lift in order to achieve the best wipe possible.

The manufacturers guarantee that the Safelite blades will reduce all sources of splitting, skipping, streaking, and wearing. Yes, this means that squeaking noises are minimized and the seal remains highly pressurized even after years of use.

The frameless memory curved beam serves to create a clear, clean wipe every time. It’s recommended that you invest in the patented Safelite glass cleaner in addition to the blades, since it will help to increase the longevity of the wipers.

Some customers have complained that the rubber edges of the Safelite wipers tend to split or round out over time. When the blades “round it”, it causes the whole wiper to lose its pressure seal and may create annoying squeegee effects on the glass of the windshield.

  • Reduces sources of wearing, skipping, streaking, and splitting, which are all some of the most major sources of noise
  • Huge range of sizes to fit any type of vehicle
  • Easy installation process through snap-in ports on the wipers

  • Rubber edges of the wipers may become round slowly over time, causing the wipers to lose their perfect seal to the windshield glass

Rain-X 5079279-2 Water Repellant Wiper Blades 22″

The Rain-X is more than just a wiper blade: featuring water repellant coating and two blades, it’s no surprise why the Rain-X won 2017 Product of the Year by the Kantar TNS voting community.

Utilizing advanced beam blade technology, the Rain-X contours to the curvature of your specific windshield for the smoothest streak free wipe possible. Moreover, the universal adapters of the blade make them incredibly easy to install with any type of latching mechanism.

Made from synthetic, dense rubber, the squeegee can undergo extreme weather variations for the most robust durability. Through reducing all sources of wind lift, the Rain-X achieves nearly silent performance on most models of car.

The company offers blade sizes that range from a generous 14 inch to 28 inch, making them usable on essentially any windshield type.

These blades are most compatible for heavy rain conditions and infrequent snow. Some customers have complained that they degrade over time due to ice and slush exposure; the presence of ice on the windshield may cause the water repellant surface to degrade over time.

  • Voted as the 2017 Top Product of the Year in the car care category through a survey of over 40,000 people
  • Works fantastically in rain and extreme heat

  • May not be the most suitable for very cold climates and frequent ice exposure

The Verdict

The Meto T6 provides a high-performance guarantee in even the most extreme weather conditions. Built with elastomer materials and high-quality materials, the wipers are resistant to wear and wick water away by forming a pressurized seal to your windshield. As one of the most cost effective brands currently available, it’s hard to go wrong with these whisper-quiet blades.