Best Quiet Space Heaters | Safe, Energy Efficient and Silent Heaters

Best Quiet Space Heaters | Safe, Energy Efficient and Silent Heaters
If you have a drafty house, you may want to buy a space heater to make the winter months a little warmer. Typically, a space heater will have a noisy fan that can be annoying and disturbing. Fortunately, technology has improved giving you many options when looking for a quiet space heater. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best quiet space heater for your home.
If you are looking specifically for a space heater that is quiet and powerful, you will need to keep a few things in mind. Quiet space heaters use certain types of heat, specifically radiant and convection heat. With a Mica-thermic space heater, heat will radiate off the heater’s panel and be distributed through the room thanks to the convection heating incorporated into the design. With no fans, this type of space heater tends to be quieter than most of its competitors. You also get evenly heated rooms that are super quiet. Without fan blades moving around, this type of heater gives you a quiet and gentle heat that is very effective.
Types of Quiet Space Heaters
Micathermic Panel Heaters
This is a quiet heater that creates heat when a metal heating element that is housed in between thin sheets of mica is heated. A natural silicon-based material, Mica is found in a form that is very much like crystal. Used a lot in the electronics industry, it was also found to be a great insulator. In a heater, mica is heated up and the heat created is distributed through both convection and radiant methods.
Typically lightweight, a Micathermic panel heater should be easy to move. Many will come equipped with wheels to help move them around the house. While it uses convection heat, you won’t normally see a fan inside this type of heater making them a super quiet space heater option.
Oil-Filled Radiators
Typically sealed, an oil-filled radiator is filled with, you guessed it, oil. When you turn on the heating element, the oil will start to heat up. The heat that is generated will transfer through the body of the radiator and radiate out into the room that the heater is in.
Easy to use and control, an oil-filled radiator is also very portable. Usually, these small space heaters will come with wheels allowing you to move it from room to room. These units do run the risk of getting knocked over and potentially spilling oil all over the floor. If this happens, the unit will have a sensor that will turn the heater off right away.
Infrared Heater
Producing heat efficiently, these popular heaters are considered the most energy-efficient heaters on the market. Using the infrared heat principle, an infrared heater will radiate heat out into a room. While a convection heater blows heat out into a room to heat the air, an infrared heater will radiate out its heat instead. So, instead of heat circulating around in the air, it sends the heat out directly to warm up whoever is in the direct line of the radiating heat.
Most space heaters are quiet because they have very few or no moving parts. The parts that move in a space heater are typically the noisiest part of a fan. Since a fan is the most important part of a convection heater, there will tend to be some noise coming from then.
You will find two sources that will cause noise in a fan. The first one is the motor that tends to make noise as it is spinning while operating. The second is the blades on the fan that make noise as they spin and interact with air around them. Depending on the heater, the noise from a fan may not be that noticeable while others are super loud to the point of being distracting.
The three space heater types mentioned earlier do not use fans, which eliminates the largest potential for noise. Some heaters do use fans that are also quiet, but you will need to do your research to find out which ones they are.
While a quiet space heater can make a sound here and there, it will be pretty subtle. It may be a metal part creaking as they expand with the heat or a thermostat clicking on and off. however, it won’t be anything that will disturb your sleep or make it hard to relax and watch television.
Portability of your space heater is also a nice feature to look for, especially if you want to take it with you from room to room. Always make sure you have a wall socket nearby, so you won’t be enticed into using an extension cord.

Best Quiet Space Heater Reviews
The Lasko Ceramic Tower Space Heater extends your comfort area with its elongated heating element. With comfort air technology, warmth is propelled into the room. Plus, it comes equipped with safety features that are built-in as well as a timer function and an adjustable thermostat.
Featuring 1500 watts, the Lasko Space Heater has three different warmth settings allowing you to choose just the right comfort level. You also get a remote control and a digital display on the top of the machine. This narrow and tall unit easily fits into tight spaces making it easy to place in any room.
The Lasko Space Heater is also easy to move with the handy carry handle found in the back. With the timer feature, you can schedule a shutdown time up to eight hours later. This is a feature-heavy space heater that will keep you warm during the long winter months.
It has a lot of power with 1500 watts
The tall and narrow size works well in most rooms
It comes with a handy remote and lots of features
It doesn’t have an auto-off in case it tips over
It would be nice if it shut off automatically once it hits your preferred temperature

With 1500 watts of power, the De’Longhi Mica Space Heater has a functional and attractive design that works with any room décor. It doesn’t take up a lot of room, so you can easily put it in a tight space. You can mount it on the wall for added convenience.
Even with its compact size, it will efficiently and quickly heat up a large room using multi-directional warmth. The thermostat is adjustable so you can automatically set it to your preferred temperature. Using Mica-Thermic technology, you get fanless heat distributions that will keep you comfortable in the cold winter months.
The De’Longhi Mica Space Heater also includes several safety features. With the thermal shutoff function, you can prevent overheating while the tip-over switch will automatically sound an alarm and shut off the heater off if the machine is knocked over. Portable and lightweight, this space heater is easy to move on its included wheels.
You can mount in on the wall to save space in the room
It has a small footprint and wheels to move it with
The tip-over switch is a great safety feature
It is not very attractive looking
It doesn’t have a fan

Featuring a slender design, the Bionaire Micathermic Console Heater heats up quickly and won’t take up a lot of space. Using convection heat, the Bionaire Micathermic heating panels are constructed out of mica that will resist breaking down and provides great stability. You also get adjustable heat and thermostat controls allowing you to set the room temperature to your preferences.
Using 1500 watts, this 26-inch tall unit is only 21 inches wide. The Bionaire comes with a handle on one side of the unit and two wheels on the other side allowing you easy portability from room to room. You get several dials that allow you to choose your heat level and adjust the temperature. And, it comes with both overheating and tip-over protection features.
It is easy to move around
The space heater has great safety features
It’s pretty powerful and the temperature is adjustable
The thermostat is marked with arbitrary tick marks, so you don’t really know the temperature you are setting
It would be nice if it had a blower on it to force more heat out into the room

Using silicon to create infrared light waves, the Turbro Arcade Electric Mica Heater can evenly warm an area without using oxygen or water. The device is capable of creating 1,500-watts of power and features an adjustable thermostat. It also comes equipped with an energy-saving feature, as well as tip-over and overheating safety protections.
This device is also waterproof, but is not designed to be used in the laundry room or bathroom where it is humid. Standing 26-inches high and 17-inches wide, this heater is fairly narrow allowing it to fit into tight spaces. Plus, it comes with handles and four wheels that make moving it from room to room easy.
There are several heat settings to choose from
It comes with an energy-saving mode
Nice tip-over and overheating safety features
The ‘on’ light stays on all the time, even when it’s not on
It would be nice if it had a programmable thermostat

The small and compact Dr. Infrared Space Heater is about half the size of other space heaters on the market. It still features 1500 watts, so it has a lot of power for a 16-inch tall and 11-inch wide space heater. While you wouldn’t expect this size heater to cover a large area, it can actually heat up a room up 1,000 square feet.
With four swivel wheels, this small machine is easy to move around. This is an attractive looking space heater that features a gorgeous cheery wood exterior except for the front side that is totally black. In the top third part of the space heater, you will see where it emits infrared heat.
Equipped with a remote control, the Dr. Infrared Space Heater also has controls that are found right under the pan. You can adjust the temperature and also choose a setting that you want the space heater to maintain throughout the day. After 12 hours, it will automatically shut off, plus, it has overheating protection.
With the Advanced Dual Heating System, the Dr. Infrared Space Heater combines both PTC and Quartz Infrared Elements to keep you warm and save on your electric bill. It also includes a High-Velocity blower with low noise for a quieter operation and is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) USA and Canada providing the highest safety standard. The Dr. Infrared Heater gives you the most warmth and energy efficiency in a space heater this size.
This is a very portable unit that comes with a remote control
It has nice safety features for tipping over and overheating
It has an attractive cheery wood exterior
You can only get it started by using the remote
It won’t completely power off using the remote, so you still have to turn it off

The winner of the best quiet space heater roundup is the DR. INFRARED HEATER PORTABLE SPACE HEATER. Half the size of its competitors, this space heater can still give out 1500 watts of power provides heat for rooms up to 1,000 square feet. It’s small size and wheels make this an easy to move machine that fits easily into small space.
The Dr. Infrared Heater is also really attractive looking when you compare it to all the metal space heaters. It has several features including overheating protection, and it comes with a handy remote control. The definite winner of the best quiet space heater roundup is the DR. INFRARED HEATER PORTABLE SPACE HEATER hands down.