Best Quiet Hair Dryers 2020 – The Quietest Blow Dry Devices

Blow Your Head Off: The Top 5 Most Quiet Hair Dryers in the Market To Date
Hair dryers are really lifesavers that work hard to help people. Without these adequate gadgets, we shall all be afflicted from permanent bad hair days and we shall all be going out with wet hair dripping down our clothes. Sans hair dryers, we shall suffer because we will be more prone to getting sick with cough and colds. No one wants to run around with wet hair in the dead of winter.

That being said, there is only one problem with a hair hair dryer and that is the super loud sound it makes. A hair dryer is typically noisy, so whoever is using one will draw attention. If you have been out partying till late, your roommate will certainly wake up if you crank up your hair dryer.

However, thanks to the advent of modern technology, there are now hair dryers that do not make a lot of noise. A quiet hair dryer sounds a lot like an oxymoron that is a hard concept to believe. But, seriously, there are now hair dryers that are able to lower the decibel or noise levels of their motors.

If you are considering investing in a quiet hair dryer, go ahead and take the plunge. We know there are many options in the market that may overwhelm you, so we have taken the liberty to review five of the most quiet hair dryers sold to date to help you decide. We discuss product specs, special features, pros & cons, and affordability. Knowing all of these will allow you to make a good decisions about what to purchase. Read on below:

Wazor Lightweight Low Noise Hair Dryer


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Product specs:
  • Power is 1875 W
  • Product weight is 1 pound
  • Comes with whisper quiet technology

The Wazor Lightweight Low Noise Dryer lives up to its name for being quiet and weighing less. It is one of the lightest products out there, which matters a lot when you’re blow drying long hair because a heavier one will cause hand fatigue. This is light enough to make it easy to maneuver.

Most of all, this product is one of the most affordable low noise dryers available in the market today. This one promises to do all that without sacrificing on efficiency as it remains hot enough. The industry standard wattage falls between 800 to 1800 watts and yet this product exceeds that, so you get to dry your hair at an even faster rate.

Another perk is its whisper quiet technology that allows this to be a lot more quiet than the other brands out there. Its tourmaline heating technology makes it safe for your hair because the heating method is gentle on the hair cuticles.

  • This product is able to give three different heat settings and two speed settings, which offers you versatility because varying hairstyles and hair textures also need different heat levels.
  • This helps you avoid heat damage because you can easily customize your heat settings.
  • The Wazor has a cool shot button that releases a sudden gush of cold air. The cooler setting helps reduce freeze and helps set hair longer.
  • Comes with a a removable tail cap for easier product cleaning.
  • The dryer is equipped with a 9 feet long power cord that offers you the freedom to move around.

  • One of the major cons of this product is that it overheats.
  • Although this product is a lot less noisy  than the its competitors, it is not completely noiseless.

If you are in search for a quiet hair dryer that reduces frizz and remains gentle on your hair, then look no further than the Wazor.

MHU Professional Hair Dryer

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Product specs:
  • Power is 1875 W
  • Product weight is 0.88 pound
  • Comes with low noise and vibration

This quiet hair dryer is popular among customers because it is affordable and efficient. This gives off plenty of heat with a higher wattage than normal, allowing you to dry your hair faster. It also offers maximum heat control with its three settings. This means you get more control over the heat flow, giving you the flexibility to manage your hair, while reducing the possibility of head damage.

The MHU Professional comes with far-infrared heat and negative ion technology. The former emits gentler heat deeper into your cuticles, thereby decreasing frizz. The negative ion reduces drying time by fifty percent.

  • This brand comes with an extra long power cord. At 9 feet, you can plug this in your wall socket, while continuing to work in front of your vanity table.
  • The product may look bulky, but with its weight that is less than a pound, this gadget is easier to operate.
  • This comes with a diffuser and concentrator. The former gives a more natural and voluminous look for wavy or curly hair. The latter is good helper for straight hair because of its narrower design.
  • The removable lint filter makes it easy to clean and maintain this product.

  • This could stand to be a few decibels lower for a product that is marketed as a quiet hair dryer.
  • The controls for the setting are placed in an odd spot, so you may accidentally press on then while dryer is in operation.

This MHU hair blower is great for anyone in search for a versatile product that can work fast enough to dry the hair. It will be better if it were a bit more quiet, but compared to the traditional dryers out there, it is already so much more quiet.

Parlux Professional 3800


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Product specs:
  • Power is 2100 W
  • Product weight is 1.59 pounds
  • Comes with a built-in silencer that significantly reduces noise

If you’re on a lookout for a powerful dryer, look no further than this Parlux because it is one of the most powerful ones in the market. Its super high wattage will ensure your hair gets to dry in no time. This leaves less carbon foot print and is made of recycled materials, so this is a product worth looking into if you are concerned about the environment.

The Parlux doesn’t weigh too much, so you don’t have to worry about getting an arm workout when you style your hair. You will be able to maneuver and operate this dryer with ease. The added four settings also means you can choose a temperature that easily suits your styling needs.

  • Noise is indeed reduced thanks to the handy built-in silencer.
  • The super high wattage makes this one of the strongest and more powerful dryers out there.
  • The versatility of this product means you get maximum styling control, without having to worry about frizz.
  • You can see and feel the quality of this product as it cuts drying time in half, allowing you to free up more time.

  • This is not dual voltage and it will only work with 110 Volts, so beware if you travel a lot because this dryer might not work where you’re going.
  • This is one of the more expensive hair dryers so those with minimal budgets have to look elsewhere.
  • Durability may be an issue because the recycled materials this comes made with does not feel sturdy enough.

This compact ceramic ionic dryer is a great salon or home companion because of its amazing features. It is worth it to invest in a Parlux because of the brand’s power.

Panasonic EH NA65 K Nanoe


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Product specs:
  • Power is 1875 W
  • Product weight is 1.28 pounds
  • Comes with a quiet and gentler engine

This dryer is made by world renowned Panasonic and it  is surprisingly affordable. It also offers functionality with its many features. For one thing, this quiet dryer is a great option because it is gentler on your hair. This is due to its nanoe technology, which pulls moisture from the air and gently diffuses it into your hair. This does not only protect your hair from heat damage, it also controls frizz, so you can say hello to smoother, silkier, and shinier hair.

Multi-functionality is the name of the game of this Panasonic model. It comes with three super useful attachments: the quick-dry nozzle, a concentrator nozzle, and a diffuser. All have different purposes. The quick-dry clearly paves the way for faster drying, the concentrator gives you control over airflow for precise hairstyles, and the diffuser adds volume and fights frizz.   

  • This model also comes with three different heat settings, so you can create different styles with ease.
  • This brand offers versatility with all of its attachments.
  • The model comes with a 9 feet rotating power cord, which will allow you to use it with ease.

  • This gentle dryer is not as powerful as what the specs indicates. It seems to have traded off a bit of power to make it more gentle.
  • The dryer itself may appear a tad more bulky that you may like.

If you’re in search for an affordable and a functional dryer, then this trusted Panasonic brand is good choice to have for your home use.

Centrix Q Zone Dryer


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Product specs:
  • Power is 1500 W
  • Product weight is 1.5 pounds
  • Comes with tech that greatly reduces salon noise pollution

If quiet is what you’re after, then you cannot get anymore quiet than this Centrix dryer. This brand prioritizes noise level, so you will love this product if you want peace and quiet because it comes built with technology that drastically reduces that emitted noise. There is less noise pollution and less distraction wherever you may use it.

Cool air helps to set your hairstyle, making it last longer. This Centrix features a cool shot button, as well as a dual cool shot position. If you’re into sleeker hairstyles, you’ll also be happy to know that this comes with concentrator nozzle, which helps you control the direction of the air flow.

This ceramic tourmaline hair dryer offers two settings, while its ionic technology helps in reducing your drying time. The product’s light weight and ergonomic design means you can use this comfortably without having to worry about arm fatigue.

  • This, by far, is one of the most quiet dryers in the market today, so you can carry on a conversation with ease while blow drying your hair.
  • You can easily clean this dryer and prolong its life by accessing the intake vent from the rear.
  • This comes with an 8 feet cord giving you the flexibility to move around in front of your vanity as you style your hair.

  • This is not as powerful as the other brands out there.
  • This will not work with 220 voltage, so be careful when you bring it into other countries. It will only take in 110 volts.

If you’re in search for the quietest drier because you don’t want to wake up your sleeping newborn, then you’ve come to the right spot because the Centrix Q Zone will get that done with ease.


Bottom Line


With many different brands out there, it is confusing to figure out which brand to spend your hard earned money on. But with the right amount of research, you will certainly be able to figure out which dryer will best work with your needs. Our favorite happens to be Centrix because although wattage may be a bit less, it is able to provide the noise level that we desire.

Remember when you’re buying your hair dryer, you have to check the following things:
  • The wattage because this will tell you about its power and how fast it can dry your hair.
  • The weight because this make a huge difference in terms of arm fatigue when you’re styling your hair in front of the vanity.
  • The length of the power cord because this offers flexibility.
  • The attachments and heat settings because all of these provide you versatility when it comes to styling your hair.
  • The durability of the materials because you want it to last long. 
  • The decibel level to check for the actual noise level. 
  • The power supply because you need to know if it is safe to plug it wherever you may be.

After reading all of these, it may be for the best to go to the store to check out each of the products in person. This way, you can really see for yourself what they look like, so you won’t regret your purchase.