Best Oil Additives for Noisy Lifters 2020 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Oil Additives for Noisy Lifters 2020
Do you hear a constant grinding, screeching, or clattering noise whenever you rev up your engine? Whether it’s a constant companion or only flares up in cold weather, noisy engines are just as frustrating as they are a source of concern.

More often than not, the culprit is a noisy lifter. Noisy lifters are caused by mechanical wear and lack of oil pressure pumping the hydraulic lifter, which results in a lack of clearance between the valve train and the lifter. Though it’s a worrisome source of noise, the issue can be solved in a pinch by lubricating the lifter and getting your oil changes on time.

How to Select the Best Oil Additive for a Loud Lifter

Before you invest in just any oil additive, you should know that there are many important distinctions between different lubricants. Though they may all seem the same, the truth is that certain additives work best with different types of engines. Most importantly, the cheapest oil additive may not always provide the most perfect or permanent solution to the problem.

First, read up on the types of ingredients that will improve the performance of your engine. For instance, zinc and phosphorous help to form a protective barrier between the valve and the lifter that helps your engine’s components move seamlessly. Opt for products that claim to both protect the engine against further degradation while improving its performance.

Secondly, you can distinguish a good product from a bad product based on whether it increases your miles per gallon performance. Through clearing gunk and mineral deposits out the engine, a very dirty engine should see an appreciable difference in performance on the road. On average, frequent oil changes coupled with a booster additive increase MPG by around 1.5 percent.

Review of the Best Oil Additives for Noisy Lifters in 2020

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled some of the most reputable, popular, and cost effective oil additives currently available. All of the products below have been curated through thousands of customer reviews, national awards, and how closely linked they are to third party unaffiliated testing.

Liquid Molly’s 20004 Hydraulic Lifter Additive

Hands down, Liqui Moly’s hydraulic lifter additive is one of the best lubricators to dampen the noise produced by worn down, old lifters. In order to promoting optimal operation, the additive serves to clean valve bores and holes in the lifter in order to prevent unwanted engine noises.

Additionally, Liqui Moly’s lifter additive can be mixed universally with all commercial engine oils on the market. For up to 6 liters of engine oil, or 6.34 quarts, just 300 ml of additive is sufficient. The additive has even been tested for compatibility with catalytic converters and non-traditional engines.

Customers trust the Liqui Moly brand – after all, it’s been around since 1957 and offers a broad range of safe-to-use automotive chemicals. Whether you’re in the market for oils, additives, greases, pastes, sprays, or other car care accessories, the German-based company offers these services globally.

According to reviewers, the additive works where other oils and lubricants fail. For sticky lifters that produce constant noise, Liqui Moly may be just what’s needed to solve the issue. In addition to servicing your car with Liqui Moly, it’s recommended that you opt for an anti-friction oil treatment with every oil change in order to get the best results.

  • Effectively dampens noise, squeakiness, and stuttering of engine components with just one treatment
  • Can be mixed with any engine or oil type in vehicles old and new
  • Cleans out holes, bores, and hard-to-reach areas adjacent to valves that collect gunj over time
  • Requires less additive to make a difference in your vehicle’s performance than other brands

  • May not be the best solution for powerful diesel trucks and huge engines

BestLine Premium Synthetic Engine Treatment

If you want a long lasting engine and immediate results, it doesn’t get much better than BestLine’s synthetic engine treatment. Using a patented formula, the manufacturer guarantees that the additive will increase the longevity of your engine by nearly 80 percent.

Through reducing friction, the treatment decreases the likelihood of pre-ignition false starts and offers excellent protection against engine wear. Moreover, the treatment is 100 percent synthetic with a 20-weight, which makes it specifically designed for longer drain intervals. To put it simply, this means that less additive goes a lot farther.

Additionally, synthetic treatments work to coat all metal with a protective chain of molecules in order to eliminate all sources or noise, rust, and wear. Applied regularly, this layer of protection allows your engine to work well for years of use. The manufacturers recommend using the treatment every time you get an oil change.

No matter the make or model of your engine, the treatment is universally compatible with all types of engines for both old and new vehicles. BestLine works with any type of motor oil and can be used with gas and diesel engines as well.

Ultimately, the BestLine treatment works effectively to reduce wear, heat, friction, and increase fuel economy.

  • Offers protection against future wear and tear of the engine
  • Universally compatible with all types of oils, additives, and old or new engines of any type
  • Decreases component wear, friction, heat-caused damage and increase mileage per gallon
  • Non toxic

  • Should not be used on Toyota vehicles or oils, according to some frustrated customers

TriboTex Nano Oil Car Engine Treatment

Made in the US, TriboTex started out as a local company in the midwest that soon grew to national acclaim for its line of effective, time tested, and reliable line of mechanical lubricants. The TriboTex nano oil is completely comprised of synthetic nanoparticles specially developed by the Department of Energy, NASA, and the National Science Foundation.

Through creating a diamond-like coating around sensitive metal components, the engine treatment effectively reverses wear in bearings. Better yet, it’s compatible with all types of motor oil, can be used with diesel and gas engines, and heals even the most stubborn noise-causing damage.

Third-party, unaffiliated testing has established that the TriboTex nano oil effectively improves fuel consumption and greatly diminishes engine noise. If, for whatever reason, you aren’t satisfied, you can rest assured knowing that the additive comes with a no-questions-asked return policy.

TriboTex works in more than just cars, too. Customers have used the oil on their motorcycles, diesel trucks, lawn mower, and other motorized tools to make them run better, faster, and longer.

According to the manufacturers, the nano flakes in the TriboTex nano oil first coat metal surfaces particle by particle, leaving a smooth, slick surface over worn down components. After approximately 500 miles of driving, a diamond-like coating is formed over the gears that may actually serve to reduce wear and torsion.

Completely non-toxic, this oil additive is safe to use in nearly any mechanical component to increase its longevity. It is easiest to add during an oil change, yet may be added to the engine at any time whether it’s warmed up or left cold. With TriboTex, users should treat their engines every 40,000 miles or so.

  • Crafted from nano particles that form a protective ‘diamond-like’ coating over time as you drive your vehicle
  • Third-party tested to demonstrate excellent performance on fuel consumption and noise reduction
  • One hundred percent non toxic and can be used with a wide variety of motorized tools

  • Not recommended to keep the engine sedentary after applying the TriboTex additive i in order to get the diamond coating developed

Rislone Bar’s Leaks Engine Treatment

The moment you use Rislone Bar’s Leaks Engine Treatment, you will already notice a significant reduction in the grating noise of a squeaky or stuck lifter. Instantly, rusty valves, holes, and sticky components are cleared of harmful glues, sludge, and mineral deposits.

While you drive, the Bar’s Leaks engine treatment works to gradually dissolve deposits from internal metal components without plugging oil passages. Through using the engine treatment and getting your oil changed regularly, it’s easier than ever to keep harmful deposits and stickiness to an absolute minimum.

One bottle of the Bar’s engine treatment is designed to treat 4 to 6 quarts of oil. However, diesel engines and large trucks have more powerful engines that may necessitate 1 whole bottle for every 5 quarts of oil capacity. The only downside is that, for trucks and severely dirty engines, the Bar’s leaks treatment may not be cost effective as other brand name manufacturers.

Overall, many customers have developed a brand loyalty to the Rislone name. Regular oil changes and healthy servings of the engine treatment has, in many cases, caused a complete reverse in the wear, tear, and squeakiness of their engine components.

  • Shown to reverse damage to engine components when used at every oil chaning
  • Immediate reduction in noisiness of lifter after first application

  • Not very cost effective to use on very large, powerful engines for diesel fuel trucks

Marvel MM13R Mystery Oil

Founded in 1920s Chicago, the Marvel brand Mystery Oil was a product created out of pure necessity. The oils used in cars during the era caused extreme buildup, deposits, and gunk to clog sensitive engine components. Marvel quickly grew extremely popular after customers found it effectively returned their vehicle’s performance back to new.

Though its formula has changed since then, the Marvel Mystery Oil has continued to be one of the top competitors in the car maintenance industry. It’s recommended that users replace 1/5 (or 20 percent) the amount of their planned oil change with the mystery oil. Whether you use synthetic or traditional oil, it should work the same. This can repeated at every oil change in order to preserve the optimal performance of your vehicle.

No matter if you use catalytic converters or oxygen sensors, the lubricating oil is safe to use universally with any engine type. When it’s added to gas, it cleans the fuel injectors, carburetors, and even the gas mileage of your vehicle. On the other hand, when it’s added to oil it may prevent valve sticking, noisy lifters, and component breakdown due to temperature extremes.

For those without a mechanical background, this essentially means that your vehicle’s engine lasts longer, runs more silently, and is easier to start even in the dead of winter.

  • Improves fuel consumption and mileage of your vehicle after just one use
  • Product is provided from a trusted brand that’s been in business for almost one hundred years
  • Can be used in any type of engine or with any type of oil treatment

  • Have to use a large amount of the additive every oil change to continue seeing improvement in your lifter’s noisiness and engine performance

The Verdict

Ultimately, there are so many great oil additives for vehicle engines currently available on the market. For some of the most robustly tested lifter noise solutions, customers should opt for the TirboTex. Through employing new nanotechnology verified by NASA and the National Science Foundation, TirboTex additive is proven to improve your engine over time with recurrent use.