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In todays’ world, we now live in an incredibly distract-able and noisy world. This doesn’t just mean technology. The amount of machines that we use around us produce noise that is at a decibel level we have never experienced in our evolutionary past. If you are experiencing a lot of noise in your life, studies show that you may have a higher anxiety level because of this.

One of the best things you can do for your mental health and even your sanity for that matter, is to soundproof your environment. This means your home, car, office, or anywhere you spend a significant amount of time. It is well worth it when you can bring more peace to wherever it is that you are.

Our goal at is to give you the tools to learn the basics of soundproofing and give you the peace you need to live your daily life. Whether you want to read up on simple sound-deadening projects that you might want to undertake for your vehicle, or just learn how to prevent noise that comes from your neighbors, we have loads and loads of guides on how to make your life a little quieter.

We have many different guides on the best products to buy that are quiet and also have comparisons on the best soundproof products. If you are more of a do-it-yourself type of person, we have tons of resources on the best soundproofing materials as well.

We’re always cooking up new ideas that may help with then noisy nature of our world. If there is any specific thing you are looking for guidance on, please let us know!

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Our Team

Stacy Carlo

Marketing Director

Stacy Carlo has working in marketing for over 10 years and has extensive experience with product reviews. She has even taken the time to soundproof her home of 3 children so that it’s quiet for her family.

She enjoys playing the violin and spending time taking her kids to the pool during summer months.

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Jenna Bostic

Public Relations

Jenna is firm believer in making sure that your resting place and workplace is as quiet as it can be. After going through a traumatic experience, she dedicated herself to peace through sound therapy.

Jenna enjoys gardening, taking long hikes and being in the outdoors in her free time.

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David Williams


David is an accomplished author and loves writing about soundproofing. When he was young he lived in a very noisy house that caused him to not sleep well. This was a huge frustration for him so he solved them problem for himself and decided to

David enjoys reading about philosophy and lifting weights.

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